Immigration Reform

AJC promotes a fair and just immigration policy consistent with our position that a strong America is vital for global freedom and security.

National conflict over immigration undermines America’s strength and our country’s commitment to democratic and humanitarian values. With our shared immigrant experience, the Jewish people understand that upholding the rights of immigrants is vital to a strong America.

2016 Immigration Summit: The Economics of Immigration Reform

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2016 Summit: “The Economics of Immigration Reform” Program Agenda

Executive Summaries From Our Expert Panelists

A Primer on the History of and Prospects For Immigration Reform. Provided by Charles Foster, chairman of Foster LLP.

Read the just-released full report by The Perryman Group, “Texas Needs the Workers: An Analysis of the Economic and Fiscal Impact of Undocumented Workers.”


Immigration Reform: A Jewish Issue?

Why should the Jewish community support immigration reform? AJC's Participant's Guide provides a tool for discussion, understanding and engagement.

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With One Voice - AJC For Bi-Partisan Comprehensive Immigration Reform