Interreligious & Intergroup

AJC is a pioneer in advancing interfaith understanding. Fundamental to our mission is the belief that the well-being of the Jewish community is linked to that of other faith groups in America and around the world. Building coalitions to advance shared interests and supporting democracy and pluralism have been central to our interreligious endeavors over the past century. AJC is actively addressing the new challenges and opportunities arising from America's rapidly changing religious composition. AJC's global reach strengthens religious dialogue across the planet.

In November 2016, AJC co-convened the first Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council (MJAC), a group of recognized Muslim and Jewish leaders who will develop and advocate a domestic policy agenda aimed at protecting and expanding the rights of religious minorities in the U.S. to practice their faiths as full citizens. This partnership aims to benefit the entire country and deepen commonalities between our two faiths.

Isaiah Award for Exemplary Interreligious Leadership

AJC presents the Isaiah Award for Exemplary Interreligious Leadership to Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York

Interreligious Dialogue

Rabbi Noam Marans and Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, Discuss Interreligious Dialogue

Nostra Aetate 50

AJC Commemorates Nostra Aetate's 50th Anniversary

AJC Global Forum 2015

Muslims Speak to AJC Global Forum in Push for Interfaith Dialogue