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13 Jewish Groups Call for Shabbat of Solidarity with the African-American community
Date: 6/24/2015
AJC Condemns Arson Attack on Church in Israel
Date: 6/18/2015
AJC Deplores Fatal Attack on Black Charleston Church
Date: 6/18/2015
AJC: Supreme Court Supports Muslim Denied Abercrombie Job
Date: 6/1/2015
AJC Mourns Passing of LDS Church Elder L. Tom Perry
Date: 5/31/2015
AJC: Vatican Recognition of Palestine Unhelpful for Quest for Peace
Date: 5/13/2015
AJC Mourns Passing of Cardinal Edward Egan
Date: 3/5/2015
AJC Appalled by Deadly Terror Attack on French Newspaper
Date: 1/7/2015
AJC Deplores Attack on West Bank Mosque
Date: 10/14/2014
AJC: Christians, Yazidis Face ISIS Threats of Extermination
Date: 8/7/2014
Kafka in Motor City
Noam Marans in Jewish Standard
Date: 6/27/2014
U.S. Presbyterians Vote to Divest from Companies Used by Israel in Occupied Territories
AJC in Haaretz
Date: 6/26/2014
Deep Concern over Presbyterian Divestment Vote
Noam Marans in New York Jewish Week
Date: 6/25/2014
‘We cannot profit from the destruction of homes and lives,’ Presbyterians say
Noam Marans in Times of Israel
Date: 6/21/2014
Divestment Vote by Presbyterian Church Strains Long Ties with Jewish Community
Noam Marans in Washington Post
Date: 6/21/2014
Israeli Criticize Presbyterian Divestment in Protest of its Policies
Noam Marans in Los Angeles Times
Date: 6/21/2014
Presbyterians to Divest as Protest against Israel
Noam Marans in Associated Press (AP)
Date: 6/21/2014
Presbyterians Vote to Divest from 3 Firms That Make Products Used by Israel
Noam Marans, Kari Alterman in Detroit Free Press
Date: 6/21/2014
AJC: Presbyterian Divestment A Breach with Jews, Undermines Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Date: 6/20/2014
Presbyterians Narrowly Vote to Divest from 3 Companies Involved in Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
Noam Marans in Religion News Service (RNS)
Date: 6/20/2014