Iran News and Letters

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AJC Praises Uruguay for Expelling Iranian Diplomat
Date: 2/6/2015
AJC Praises Senate Committee Adoption of Iran Sanctions Bill
Date: 1/29/2015
AJC Statement on the Extension of P5+1 Negotiations with Iran
Date: 11/24/2014
AJC: Iran Conference Promotes Hatred of Jews, Israel
Date: 10/2/2014
AJC Welcomes Limited Extension in P5+1 Nuclear Talks with Iran
Date: 7/19/2014
AJC Decries Russian, Chinese Vetoes of UN Resolution on Syria
Date: 5/22/2014
Hillary Rodham Clinton Addresses AJC on Iran, Israeli-Palestinian Talks
Date: 5/15/2014
AJC: Fatah, Hamas Accord Undermines Any Chance for Peace
Date: 4/24/2014
AJC Praises Thailand for Thwarting Hezbollah Terror Attack on Israelis
Date: 4/18/2014
AJC Applauds UN Human Rights Council Condemnation of Iran’s Human Rights Violations
Date: 3/28/2014
AJC Meets with French Foreign Minister in Paris
Date: 2/18/2014
Iran’s Gloating Over Interim Nuclear Deal
Date: 1/15/2014
AJC Appalled by Shameful Huffington Post Attack on Senator Menendez
Date: 12/19/2013
AJC Senate Letter of Support on the Iran Nuclear Weapon Free Act
Date: 12/19/2013
AJC Supports Bipartisan Senate Bill on Iran Sanctions
Date: 12/19/2013
Letter to the Senate urging support for additional sanctions against Iran
Date: 12/6/2013
AJC Comments on Interim Deal with Iran
Date: 11/23/2013
AJC Applauds UN Condemnation of Iran’s Human Rights Violations
Date: 11/21/2013
AJC Salutes French President’s Visit to Israel
Date: 11/18/2013
AJC Survey Shows Drop in Jewish Support for U.S. Iran Strike
Date: 10/28/2013