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The anti-Israel BDS campaign undermines the quest for peace. Ask your Governor to counter the boycott Israel effort by joining AJC's bipartisan Governors United Against BDS campaign. Take Action


Protecting Memory

The dedication of five Holocaust mass gravesites in western Ukraine marked a milestone in the "Protecting Memory" project initiated 5 years ago by AJC Berlin. Watch the video


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  • Yazidi Genocide Should Be More Than a Label
  • Robert Silverman in USA Today
  • Bob SilvermanThat existing capability to take action has not been utilized signals a failure by the political leadership of both parties. Rhetorical declaration of genocide must be followed by specific, effective actions.

  • A Mideast Rift on Campus
  • Daniel Elbaum in New York Times
  • Daniel Elbaum Activists on American campuses do the Palestinians no favors when they refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Yet that’s the essence of Students for Justice in Palestine.

  • Refugees and Anti-Semitism
  • Deidre Berger in TAZ
  • SIMONE RODAN-BENZAQUENAs long as basic introductory language and integration courses are operating, we can teach migrants about democratic values ​​and educate them about Jewish life and the importance of Israel for Germany.

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