Funding Terrorism

International indignation is mounting at the realization that money donated to the Palestinian Authority is in fact being redirected to kill and maim. Read more


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  • Modi-Trump Summit Promises Progress on Several Fronts
  • Jason Isaacson in The Sunday Guardian
  • Jason IsaacsonThese mutual benefits, that level of trust and interdependence, are what advocates of the US-India strategic partnership, my organisation prominently among them, have been working for and hoping for—for decades.

  • Follow the Money!
  • Lawrence Grossman in Jerusalem Post
  • Total elimination of Palestinian terrorism is probably impossible, but even if international action to cut off its funding brings a noticeable diminution, prospects for peace would improve.

  • The Wages of Murder: Confronting Palestinian Rewards for Terrorists
  • Col. (Ret.) Dr. Eran Lerman
  • For years, the PA has made payments to those who carry out terrorist attacks on Israelis and to their families.This issue has emerged front and center recently as Congress considers the Taylor Force Act, which would condition U.S. aid to the PA on ending this gruesome practice. How will this issue play out? How should it play out?

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