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Deidre Berger, Director, AJC Berlin

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ACCESS 20/20 Weekend

DEIDRE BERGER has served as Director of the AJC Berlin Office/Lawrence and Lee Ramer Institute for German-Jewish Relations since 2000. In that capacity, she advocates for a strong transatlantic partnership, a deepened understanding of Mideast affairs, dialogue among ethnic and religious groups, the endurance of Holocaust remembrance and other issues of pertinence to American-German-Jewish life. The AJC Berlin Office/Ramer Institute works in close partnership with governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote diversity, democracy and human rights.

Ms. Berger is a frequent lecturer in Germany and the U.S. on European security affairs, German-Jewish relations, issues of extremism and the promotion of democracy.

Ms. Berger is a member of the boards of Action Reconciliation/Service for Peace; the International Youth Center in Oswiecem; House of the Wannsee Conference in Berlin; and the Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation.

Prior to joining AJC in 1999, Ms. Berger worked for 15 years as a foreign correspondent based in Germany, reporting for the Washington, D.C. - based public radio network, National Public Radio. She reported on German and European affairs for Deutsche Welle, the German international radio and television service. She also reported for print and broadcast media including Monitor Radio, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and the Christian Science Monitor newspaper.

Ms. Berger earned her master’s degree in journalism at the University of Missouri at Columbia and her bachelor’s degree in art history at Bryn Mawr College.