AJC Urges Congress to Pass DREAM Act

December 8, 2010 - Washington, DC - AJC is urging the House and Senate to pass the DREAM Act.

“The DREAM Act, addressing the critical needs of the undocumented student population, is an important step towards desperately needed reform of our immigration system,” said Richard T. Foltin, AJC Director of National and Legislative Affairs.

DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) will provide individuals who came to the United States at an early age opportunities, regardless of their current immigration status, to pursue higher education and contribute to American society.

“These students are vital for our nation’s future,” said Foltin. “They must be given opportunities, consistent with the high standards and requirements established in the bill, to complete their education, legalize their status, and contribute back to society to help build the American dream for future generations.”

Since its founding in 1906, AJC has been a strong voice in support of fair and generous immigration policies, characterized by the rule of law. AJC advocates for bipartisan support for comprehensive immigration reform.

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