A Different Flotilla Scenario

LISTEN to this week's radio commentary:

Imagine that a group of activists declares solidarity with the Taliban.

They organize a convoy to bring them supplies.

The activists include both pacifists and people with ties to terror groups.

The U.S. says it won't allow the convoy to reach the Taliban, who are sworn enemies.

But, the Americans add, deposit the supplies with us and we'll check them. Everything humanitarian will be handed over to the Taliban.

The activists refuse. They are determined to undermine the American position.

They go forward. U.S. troops stop them. Some activists respond peacefully; others pull out weapons and attack the troops.

The U.S. troops try to fend off the attackers. But after they've been beaten and stabbed, their commander gives the order to use live fire in self-defense. Tragically, lives are lost.

Sound far-fetched? Not at all. It’s what happened this week. Just substitute Hamas for the Taliban, and Israel for the U.S.

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