Palestinian "NO" is Obstacle to Peace

October 26, 2010 – New York – AJC Executive Director David Harris, in his national radio commentary, announces the release of a new AJC film that conveys what has been the main obstacle to Israeli-Palestinian peace for more than 60 years, the Palestinian inability to say “Yes” to Israel.

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The full text of this week’s message follows:

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is once again in the news.

As usual, the reporting is mostly about daily events.

Yet without adequate background and context, it can be hard to understand.

The conflict can come across to some as just another battle between two sides that can’t get along, a kind of unending Hatfield-McCoy feud.

In reality, though, there’s been a consistent story line for more than 60 years.

One side, Israel, has been trying to make peace and the other side, the Palestinians, have rejected one offer after another.

I say this with profound sadness. There can be no more noble goal than peace. I wish it for Israelis and Palestinians alike.

But it takes two to make peace.

A new AJC film, released this week, provides the context and background to better understand the conflict.

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In just four minutes, you’ll learn not only about what’s in the news, but what’s behind it.


This is David Harris of AJC.Date: 10/26/2010 12:00:00 AM
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