Cherish Raoul Wallenberg's Memory

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This Saturday, Raoul Wallenberg would have been 100.

But, shockingly and inexplicably, he was arrested by the Soviets in 1945, sent to the Gulag, and never heard from again.

During the war, he could have lived safely in his native and neutral Sweden.

Instead, funded by the U.S., he went to Nazi-occupied Hungary to save Jews.

Within months, Wallenberg had rescued tens of thousands destined for the death camps.

His weapons? Ingenuity, courage, and determination.

He showed what one person can do in the face of evil.

In 1979, AJC was proud to provide the first venue for a Hungarian-born couple, Congressman Tom Lantos and his wife, Annette, to educate the world about Wallenberg.

Subsequently, for his life-saving deeds, he was honored in absentia by America and other countries.

At AJC, we shall always cherish Raoul Wallenberg’s memory -- and his towering example of humanity.

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