Americans' Favorite Nations

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America's Favorite Midde East Country

The Gallup polling organization just released some important findings.

Americans were asked this month to rate a number of countries around the world.

Canada, Australia, and Britain topped the list.

Iran, North Korea, and Afghanistan were at the very bottom.

Just one country from the Middle East made it to the top ten, at #8.

Let me give you a hint.

It's the only full-fledged democracy in the region.

Here's another hint.

It's the one country America can always count on, through thick and thin.

And here's a third hint.

Whether in the medical procedures we need, the cellphones we use, the computers that keep us going, or the protective body armor our troops wear, this country's technology helps America.

My guess is you don't need any more hints.

The country that ranks right up there among Americans' favorites, according to the Gallup poll this month?

It's Israel.

Israel and America. Shared values. Shared goals.


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