Death Toll in Syria Keeps Climbing

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The gruesome events in Syria continue to unfold.

To preserve power, President Assad has killed more than 6,000 of his own citizens, and imprisoned thousands more.

And the death toll keeps climbing.

The Syrian issue recently came before the UN Security Council. But the Council couldn’t act.

Russia and China vetoed the proposed resolution.

Our UN ambassador, Susan Rice, said she was “disgusted” by the two vetoes.

The British ambassador, Mark Grant, accused Russia and China of supporting tyranny.

This week, the UN General Assembly again took up Syria.

The Israeli Ambassador, Ron Prosor, spoke eloquently.

He said:

“It should be obvious that Assad and his regime have no moral authority to govern. And it is high time for [the UN] to start doing something meaningful to stop him from killing his own people. The children of Syria – from Homs to Hama – cry out to us. Their fate is in our hands.”

Well said, Ambassador Prosor.


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