Commemorating Valor of Allied Soldiers 65 Years Ago

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This Saturday represents an important date in history.

Sixty-five years ago, on May 8, 1945, the war in Europe ended.

Nazi Germany and its allies were defeated.

The victory came at great cost.

Over sixty million people were killed in World War II.

And the Holocaust annihilated one-third of the Jewish people.

But Hitler's vision of a 1,000-year Nazi reign was shattered.

And for this, the brave Allied soldiers who fought their way across Europe and North Africa are responsible.

Their valor meant the difference between success and failure.

To the millions of American World War II veterans, we owe an eternal debt of appreciation.

And to the hundreds of thousands of American GIs who perished in the line of duty, we honor their sacrifice.

Our armed forces helped vanquish a brutal foe. They defended freedom. They protected us all.

A grateful nation expresses our thanks.


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