Obama Right to Say "No" to Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

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After a recent radio spot, I received an email.

The writer asked why I was so concerned about the prospect of Iranian nuclear weapons.

After all, he asked, haven't such weapons been with us – unused – for decades?

Here's my answer.

Iran's leaders are driven by two goals.

They seek power at all costs. Their ruthless suppression of their own people underscores the point.

And they claim a direct, 1-800 line to God. That allows them religious justification for all they do.

Nuclear weapons in such hands would have dire consequences.

It would mean enhanced Iranian power.

The regime would pose a clear threat to its neighbors.

It could share its technology with others, from Hezbollah to Venezuela.

And it could trigger a new arms race in an already volatile region.

That's why President Obama is right to say "no" to Iran's ambitions.

And that's why American leadership is so vital at this juncture.

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Date Created: 2/23/2010 12:03:00 PM
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