Iran is Most Dangerous Foreign Policy Challenge

Iran is Most Dangerous Foreign Policy Challenge
by David Harris
Executive Director, AJC

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Our country faces immense foreign policy challenges.

None is more dangerous today than Iran.

Iran seeks nuclear-weapons capability – and the means to deliver those weapons.

Most countries, other than the likes of Cuba and Venezuela, say no.

Nuclear weapons in Iran's hands would be a global game-changer.

Since 2003, various efforts to dissuade Iran from its nuclear ambitions have been tried. All failed.

Now Washington wants tough new UN sanctions on Iran – and soon.

That's exactly right.

Iran just announced it'll produce high-grade nuclear fuel and build new enrichment facilities. It's thumbing its nose at the world.

There must be a response.

The UN Security Council is one place to start.

It's been two years since the last sanctions resolution there was adopted.

That's two years of nuclear deception and long-range missile development.

It's high time for the world to stiffen its spine – and mean it.


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