NAM Support for Iran Nuclear Program a "Dark Day for Humankind"

September 1, 2012 -- New York -- AJC called the 120-member Non-Aligned Movement’s unqualified and unanimous support for Iran’s nuclear program “a dark day for humankind that will further undermine the UN Security Council and endanger global security."

Endorsement of Iran’s right to a full nuclear fuel cycle to enrich uranium was included in the lengthy NAM summit final declaration, adopted yesterday. The heads of state from at least 29 countries, including Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Pakistan, Qatar and Zimbabwe, participated, as well as UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Other countries were represented at lower levels.

"There are no two ways about it. NAM essentially endorsed an Iranian regime that, despite repeated and binding UN Security Council resolutions, has relentlessly pursued the capability to produce nuclear weapons,” said AJC Executive Director David Harris. 

“Adding to the shock, NAM stood with Iran just a day after the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that Iran has accelerated its program, installing many more enrichment centrifuges in recent months, and refusing to disclose details on current and planned activities at nuclear research and development sites across the country,” said Harris.

AJC reiterated its deep misgivings about Secretary General Ban’s decision to attend the NAM summit in Tehran. Moreover, while the UN leader condemned threats to destroy another UN member state, he missed a golden opportunity while on Iranian soil by not citing Iran by name as the author of the threats.

“But most telling of all was the stark, sobering fact that not a single NAM member -- not one -- walked out of the hall when Iran’s leaders again threatened to annihilate Israel,” said Harris. “To the contrary, they unanimously endorsed a nuclear program that, if left unimpeded, will provide Iran the means to achieve its genocidal goals. Shame!”

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