August 2005 - October 2005

August 2005 - October 2005

August 2: In Teheran, Iran, a gunman on a motorcycle shot dead an Iranian judge.

August 3: A blast in Istanbul killed two people.

August 4: An Israeli Jew opened fire on bus passengers in the Israeli Arab town of Shfaram killing four people and wounding 12.

August 10: In the Philippines, Abu Sayyaf carried out a bomb attack in Zamboanga that wounded 26 people.

August 12: In India, suspected Islamic militants shot to death five villagers in the Udhampur district of Jammu region. In Colombo, Sri Lanka, suspected Tamil Tigers assassinated Sri Lankan foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar. 

August 15: In a raid in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, suspected Maoist rebels shot dead 10 people, including Congress Party legislator Narsi Reddy.

August 17: The banned Bangladeshi Islamic group Jamatul Mujahideen claimed responsibility for setting off about 500 small bombs across Bangladesh that killed 2 people and injured 100 others. Suspected Islamic militants bombed a Buddhist temple in Narathiwat, Thailand, killing a security guard and wounding eight others. In Srinagar, India, Hizbul Mujahideen claimed responsibility for a car bomb that killed a police officer and injured seven others. An Israeli Jew opened fire on a group of Palestinians in the West Bank settlement of Shiloh and killed three of them. In Kandahar, Afghanistan, a roadside bomb killed an Afghan policeman and wounded 16 others.

August 19: Al-Qa’ida in Iraq claimed responsibility for a failed rocket attack aimed at two U.S. Navy ships docked in Aqaba port that killed one Jordanian soldier.

August 22: An explosion near a Beirut hotel wounded at least three people.

August 24: In Jerusalem, Israel, a Palestinian stabbed to death a seminary student. 

August 25: In an apparent assassination attempt in the southern Russian region of Ingushetia, Ingush Prime Minister Ibragim Malsagov was wounded and his driver was killed when two explosions occurred as the prime minister’s motorcade traveled through Nazran. In Jammu and Kashmir, gunmen shot dead a revenue officer and his son in Rajouri district. 

August 26: In Thailand’s Yala province, suspected Islamic militants shot to death two Buddhist Thais and in Narathiwat province, a Muslim deputy village headman was killed.

August 28: In Afghanistan’s Uruzgan province, suspected Taliban militants ambushed and killed parliamentary candidate Adiq Ullah. Suspected Islamic militants shot to death a schoolteacher in southern Thailand’s Yala city. In Beersheva, Israel, a suicide bomber wounded 48 people. In the southern Philippines, a bomb attack on a ferry at the Basilan island port of Lamitan killed three people and wounded 27. 

August 29: Suspected Islamic militants killed a volunteer security officer who was escorting Buddhist monks in Thailand’s Yala province.


September 1: In Thailand’s Narathiwat province, an explosion killed a police officer who was escorting teachers to school, and in Yala province, gunmen shot to death a Muslim religious teacher.

September 2: In the capital of the southern Russian region of Dagestan, a bomb exploded in a pile of garbage killing a serviceman and wounding five others.

September 13: In the central Afghan province of Uruzgan, suspected Taliban militants shot to death seven Afghans carrying voter registration cards.

September 14: In the northern Algerian town of Boumerdes, suspected Islamic militants shot to death a police officer in a café.

September 21: In northern Afghanistan, suspected Taliban militants killed a popular singer and six musicians returning from a wedding.

September 22: In the Algerian province of Skikda, suspected Islamic militants staged a fake roadblock and cut the throats of two civilians. In Jijel province, suspected Islamic militants detonated a bomb killing seven soldiers and their civilian driver. In Thailand’s Yala province, an elephant caretaker and a Myanmar migrant worker were shot dead. 

September 23: In Thailand’s Narathiwat province, a bomb killed two police officers, in Yala province, a Buddhist man was shot dead and in Pattani province, a Buddhist construction worker was shot dead.

September 26: In Israel, Hamas abducted and murdered an Israeli businessman from the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev.

September 27: In Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, gunmen shot to death parliamentary candidate Ashraf Ramazan. 

September 28: In Kabul, Afghanistan, a Taliban suicide bomber on a motorbike killed eight Afghan soldiers and a civilian bus driver. 

September 30: In Thailand’s Pattani province, suspected Islamic militants shot dead a teenage Buddhist student.


October 1: In Bali, Indonesia, three suicide bombers attacked three crowded restaurants killing 20 people, including four Australians.  In Algeria’s Medea province two civilians died when their car drove over a home-made bomb planted by suspected Islamic militants. In a separate incident, militants from the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC) decapitated an animal breeder in M’Sila province.

October 3: In Bangladesh, suspected Islamic militants from Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen and Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh killed two people and wounded 15 when they hurled five bombs at court buildings in three districts outside Dhaka. In the Lower Juba area of Somalia, gunmen shot to death Somali national and UN security official Mohamuud Musse Gurage.

October 4: In Afghanistan’s Kandahar province, a bomb blast killed six Afghan civilians.

October 5: In Kandahar, Afghanistan, a suicide car bomb attack targeting Canadian troops killed a 10-year-old boy.  In Thailand’s Yala province, suspected Islamic militants beheaded a villager.

October 7: In Pakistan’s Punjab province, three armed men attacked a mosque and killed eight people.

October 9: In eastern Algeria, suspected GSPC militants stormed a café and slit the throats of two people.  In Kashmir, suspected Islamic militants shot dead 10 people.

October 10: In Afghanistan’s Helmand province, suspected Taliban militants ambushed a police convoy killing 18 policemen, including provincial security chief Amanullah Khan. A Taliban suicide bomber in Kandahar killed senior anti-Taliban commander Agha Shah and three others.

October 12: In Kandahar, Afghanistan, Taliban gunmen killed five Afghan employees of a relief agency. On the southern Philippine island of Basilan, suspected Abu Sayyaf members opened fire on two motorcycles killing one civilian and two soldiers.

October 13: In the southern Russian city of Nalchik, Chechen rebels claimed responsibility for a series of attacks on government buildings, telecommunications facilities and the airport that killed 12 civilians and 24 police officers.

October 14: In Afghanistan, suspected Taliban gunmen ambushed a police convoy west of Kandahar killing two police offiers and wounding 13 others. In Khost Province, a bomb in a mosque killed leading pro-government cleric Muhammad Khan and wounded 18 others. In Thailand’s Pattani province, a Buddhist farmer was beheaded.

October 15: In Thailand’s Pattani province, suspected Islamic militants killed a Buddhist monk and two teenage boys and then set fire to a Buddhist temple. In Ahvaz, Iran, two bomb blasts at a shopping center killed four people and wounded 75.

October 16: At a hitchhiking station in the Gush Etzion area of the West Bank, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorists shot to death two young Israeli girls and a 16-year-old boy. In eastern Algeria, suspected GSPC militants cut the throats of two people. In Bouira province, suspected Islamic militants opened fire on policemen near a mosque killing two officers. In Afghanistan’s Uruzgan province, Taliban militants slit the throats of three men accused by the Taliban of spying for U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

October 18: In Srinagar, India, suspected Islamic militants killed Ghulam Nabi Lone, State Education Minister of Kashmir. Two Islamic groups – Islamic Front and Al-Mansoorian – claimed responsibility. In Jijel, Algeria GSPC militants opened fire on a vehicle killing five municipal guards and a civilian.

October 19: In Thailand’s Narathiwat province, suspected Islamic militants shot dead a Muslim woman whose husband is a member of a local village administration. In Kashmir, suspected Islamic militants opened fire on a police patrol killing two civilians.

October 20: In Afghanistan’s Nimroz province, suspected Taliban militants set off a car bomb killing Haji Nafas Khan, the police director of the province and a guard. In Kunar province, an intelligence officer was killed and in Faryab province, an employee of the Afghan Coordination of Humanitarian Assistance (CHA) organization was killed.

October 22: In Afghanistan’s Helmand province, Taliban militants ambushed a police convoy killing nine policemen. In Khost province, a radio journalist was killed by a remote-controlled bomb.

October 24: Suspected Taliban militants ambushed a U.S. military convoy near Kabul, killing six people traveling in a nearby car.

October 25: In Medea, Algeria, Islamic militants opened fire in a café and killed a policeman and then shot dead a civilian in a nearby market.

October 26: Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for carrying out a suicide bombing in a market in Hadera, Israel, killing six Israelis. In Algeria’s Skikda’s province, two civilians were killed when their car drove over a bomb planted by suspected Islamic militants and in Batna province, militants slit the throat of an elderly shepherd. In attacks along the Thai-Malay border, suspected Islamic militants killed four Thai villagers.

October 28: In Afghanistan, suspected Taliban militants killed two worshippers in Paktia province and a tribal elder in Khost province.

October 29: A series of bomb blasts ripped through a bus and two markets in New Delhi killing 59 people and wounding 210. In the Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi, three teenage Christian girls were beheaded on their way to school. In Afghanistan, the Taliban claimed responsibility for killing a man in Helmand province who contested provincial elections, and his son and brother.

October 30: In Algeria’s Bmoumerdes province, suspected Islamic militants shot dead two people. In Jijel province, militants killed a policeman.

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