August 2005 - October 2005

August 2005 - October 2005

August 1:

  • In Baghdad, 20 bodies were found near a school.
  • In west Baghdad, Muslim cleric Shaikh Akil al-Mahadidi and his brother were shot dead.
  • Iraqi police commander Colonel Mizher Hamad Yussef was shot dead in east Baghdad.

August 2:

  • American journalist Steven Vincent was shot dead in Basra.
  • In Baghdad, five people were shot dead outside a hospital, two Finance Ministry employees were shot dead and a suicide car bombing killed four people.
  • In Mosul, a suicide car bombing killed five policemen and a child.
  • In Baquba, gunmen killed hospital director Dr. Abdul Hassan Mehdi and his driver.  

August 4:

  • In Baghdad, Haidar Mohammed Ali al Dujaili, an aide to Deputy Prime Minister Ahmed Chalabi was gunned down.
  • In Doloyha, two engineers working at a U.S. base were shot dead.

August 5:

  • In Baghdad, two people were shot dead, including Khalid al-Saaidi, a senior official in the Iraqi National Congress party.
  • In Mosul, five bodies were found.

August 7:

  • A suicide truck bomber in Tikrit killed at least five people.
  • In Baghdad, two oil ministry employees were shot dead.

August 8:

  • The bodies of five policemen shot dead on their way home from vacation were found in the Tigris River in Samarra.
  • Two employees of the state-owned North Oil Company were shot dead in Fatha.
  • A translator working at Baghdad’s Doura power station was shot dead.

August 9:

  • In Baghdad, a car bomb killed six Iraqi civilians and one U.S. soldier, gunmen killed Iraqi Cabinet employee Abbas Ibrahim Mohammed, three civilians were killed in a mortar attack and militants killed nine police officers, including five who were slain while sleeping in their car. 

August 10:

  • A suicide bomb against a police patrol in Baghdad killed six.

August 11:

  • A roadside bomb in Baiji killed five people.
  • In Kirkuk, Said Adib Touma, an interpreter for U.S. forces, was shot dead.
  • In west Baghdad, gunmen shot to dead a pharmacist and his wife.

August 12:

  • In Baghdad, a driver working for the U.S.-financed television station Al Hurra was shot dead.
  • Near Ramadi, a blast near a mosque killed at least four people, including three children.

August 13:

  • In Samarra, a roadside bomb exploded killing four civilians and two Iraqi police were shot to death.
  • In Baghdad, police Major Ahmed Kamil was killed in an ambush.

August 14:

  • Police found 30 bodies of people apparently tortured, shot and buried months earlier, in a village south of Baghdad.

August 15:

  • In Baghdad, gunmen killed Mohammed Hassan Muhyia, a municipality member in the western Adil district, a Canadian-Iraqi businessman was executed after having been kidnapped two weeks earlier and five civilians were killed from gunfire and a roadside bomb.
  • In Al-Khaliss, north of Baquba, municipal council member Mohammad Hussein and his driver were shot to death.
  • In Habaniyah, a rocket attack killed six people.

August 17:

  • Three car bombs exploded in Baghdad killing 43 people and injuring 68.
  • In Fallujah, a car bomb in the center of the city killed three people, including two children.
  • North of Baghdad, gunmen assassinated Sunni cleric Imam Ali al Shamari. 

August 18:

  • In Baghdad, gunmen killed Iraqi judge Jassim Whayib and his driver.

August 19:

  • In Mosul, masked gunmen killed three Sunni members of the Iraqi Islamic Party as they were promoting voter registration for the upcoming referendum on the new constitution. 
  • Between Hawija and Kirkuk, gunmen killed Hawija council member Aswad Omar Nayef.

August 20:

  • In Samarra, gunmen killed Nasir Jabur, a guard at a pharmaceuticals factory, his wife, two sons and a daughter.  

August 21:

  • Near Baiji, a Katyusha rocket killed a six-year-old boy. 
  • In Samarra, interpreter Farid Jabouri was shot to death.

August 22:

  • North of Baghdad, gunmen ambushed a minibus carrying eight policemen and killed all of them.
  • At least four civilians were killed in attacks in Baquba.
  • In Kirkuk, gunmen killed police commando chief Captain Ibrahim Saeed and his wife.

August 23:

  • Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a Baquba joint U.S.-Iraqi coordination center that killed an American civilian contractor, at least five Iraqis and an American soldier.
  • Eleven policemen were killed during a mortar attack against the Baquba police station.

August 24:

  • In Baghdad, gunmen opened fire on Ministry of Justice official Hashem Ibrahim, killing four of his bodyguards and in a series of attacks directed against police officers, at least 10 policemen were killed.
  • Near Baquba, a roadside bomb killed three telecommunication engineers.

August 25:

  • In Baghdad, gunmen burst into a café and shot dead six Iraqi civilians.
  • The bodies of 36 Sunni Arabs were found in a riverbed near Badrah, southeast of Baghdad.
  • North of Baghdad, gunmen opened fire on cars owned by President Jalal Talabani, killing eight of his bodyguards and wounding 15.

August 26:

  • In Dura, Baghdad, a security guard at an oil facility was killed by a roadside bomb.

August 27:

  • Freelance journalist Rafed Mahmoud al-Rubai was shot to death in Baquba.
  • Near Fallujah, a twelve-year-old boy was killed by a rocket.  

August 28: 

  • A suicide car bomber targeting a U.S. patrol in southeastern Mosul killed three civilians. 
  • Iraqi police found nine bodies, eight civilians and a policeman, in Mosul's al Intisar neighborhood.

August 29:

  • In Baghdad, gunmen assassinated Nu'man Selman Thabit, an Interior Ministry official assigned to the Iraqi Electoral Commission and Mohammed Radhi al-Hayderi, the brother of Baghdad's former governor.
  • Near Fallujah, the bodies of 15 Iraqis who were pulled out of their vehicle and shot to death were found.
  • In the southern city of Kut, authorities said they found the bodies of six people who were handcuffed, blindfolded and tortured.

August 30:

  • In Baghdad, gunmen shot dead Dhiya Hilal, the police chief in Ghazaliya and Haqy Asaad, an explosives expert with the Iraqi interior ministry.
  • In Kirkuk, gunmen shot dead oil security official Muhammad Rashad and his bodyguard.

August 31:

  • In Baghdad, mortar attacks killed seven Shiite worshippers near a mosque.

September 1:

  • Two policemen were killed near Baquba and one was killed in Kirkuk.

September 2:

  • In Kadhimiya, Baghdad, mortar fire killed at least seven Shiite mosque worshippers.

September 3:

  • In Samarra, mortar attacks killed four civilians.
  • In Baquba, six policemen were shot to death.

September 5:

  • A suicide car bomb at multinational forces headquarters in Hit killed eight civilians.

September 7:

  • In Basra, a roadside bomb killed four American contractors and a parked taxi exploded outside a crowded restaurant killing 16 and wounding 24.
  • In Baghdad, a car bomb killed three civilians, gunmen killed Defense Ministry official Hadi Hassan Omran and police colonel Imad Ismael, and three bodies were found in a sewage tank.

September 8:

  • In Baghdad, a car bomb near a refinery killed two people.
  • Near Mahmoudiya, 15 bodies were found. 

September 9:

  • In Baghdad, a roadside bomb killed four civilians, and two car bombs killed four policemen and one civilian.
  • Near Iskandariyah, 18 bodies of Shiite men were found.

September 10:

  • In Baghdad, Oil Ministry employee Abdulhassan Abbas and Muhsen Abed al-Kilabi, a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) , were killed by gunfire and four people were killed at a market.
  • The mayor of al-Yarmouk, Baquba was shot to death in al-Yarmouk.

September 11:

  • In Baghdad, the Interior Ministry director of police training Maj. Gen. Adnan Abdul Rahman was gunned down in front of his home.
  • In Ishaqi, gunmen assassinated a senior judge from the northern Iraqi town of Dawr along with his brother.

September 12:

  • In Baghdad, a car bomb outside a popular restaurant killed two people and wounded 15.
  • In Iskandariyah, an Iraqi contractor working for the U.S. military was found dead.

September 13:

  • In Baghdad, gunmen killed Interior Ministry official Muhammad Kadhum al-Musawi, two truck drivers were shot to death and the body of a former judge was found.
  • In Baquba, two Sunni clerics were killed.

September 14:

  • Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for twelve attacks in Baghdad, which killed at least 167 people and wounded nearly 600, including the bombing of a bus with day laborers that killed 112 people.
  • In the village of Taaji, north of Baghdad, gunmen executed 17 men.

September 15:

  • Two suicide car bombings in Baghdad killed 23 policemen and five civilians.
  • A roadside bomb in eastern Baghdad killed three employees of the Iraqi Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • Near Latifiyah, Sheikh Mehdi al-Attar, a Shi'ite cleric and a senior official in the Shi'ite Dawa Party, and three associates, were stabbed and shot to death.

September 16:

  • In Tuz Khurmatu, a suicide car bombing killed 12 Shiite mosque worshippers.
  • In Baghdad, several attacks killed a Ministry of Transport employee, three day laborers and Shiite imam Fadil al-Lami.
  • In Iskandariya, gunmen killed mayor Amer al- Khafaji and four of his bodyguards.

September 17:

  • North of Baghdad in Dujail, gunmen assassinated Kurdish Parliament Deputies Faris Hussein and Haidar Qassem Shanoun, along with Hussein's brother and their driver.
  • In Nahrawan, on the eastern outskirts of Baghdad, a car bombing killed 30 and wounded 38. In Baghdad, nine Iraqis were found shot to death.

September 18:

  • In Balad, 20 bodies of men shot to death were found in the Tigris River.
  • In east Baghdad, four men were found shot to death.

September 19:

  • In Mosul, a suicide car bomber killed four American citizens – Stephen Eric Sullivan, a State Department security employee, and three security consultants from Blackwater Security Consulting USA.
  • In Basra, the body of Fakher Haider, an Iraqi journalist working for The New York Times, was found shot to death a day after he was abducted. 
  • Car bombs in Mahmoudiya and Latifiya killed seven policemen and one civilian.

September 20:

  • In Mosul, Firas Maadidi, the bureau chief for As-Saffir newspaper, was shot to death two days after one of his reporters was killed.
  • North of Baghdad in Duluiyah, militants opened fire on a convoy of American contractors killing four of them

September 21:

  • In Baghdad, two policemen were shot to death.

September 22:

  • In Baquba, Police Colonel Fadhel Mohammad Jawad and his driver were killed by gunfire. 
  • In Mosul, Three members of Turkoman Front were killed by gunfire.

September 23:

  • In Baghdad, a suicide bombing killed five people and gunmen killed Interior Ministry official Ra'ad Khalil Hannun and Interior Ministry employee Ashraf Jalal Rahman.
  • In Latifiya, a bomb planed near the railroad killed a railway official.

September 25:

  • Al-Qa’ida in Iraq claimed responsibility for a suicide car bombing in Baghdad that killed 13 police commandos and four bodies were found elsewhere in the capital. 
  • In Mussayib, a man exploded a motorcycle bomb near a mosque killing six people and wounding 19.
  • In Hilla, a suicide bicycle bomber detonated himself on a busy street killing four people and wounding 48 others.

September 26:

  • In Muilha, a town south of Baghdad, a group of gunmen burst into a primary school and executed five Shiite teachers and their driver. 
  • In Baghdad, a suicide bomber rammed his car into a bus carrying employees of Iraq’s oil ministry as it passed a police academy, killing at least 10 people and wounding 30.
  • In Baquba, local official Ra’ad Hussein was shot to death.
  • In Samarra, mortar fire killed seven family members.

September 27:

  • Al-Qa’ida in Iraq claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a recruitment center in Baquba that killed 10 people and wounded 30.
  • In Baghdad, gunmen killed four policemen.
  • Southeast of Baghdad, near Kut, the decomposed bodies of 22 Iraqi men who had been shot to death were found.
  • In Kirkuk, senior police official Fakhir Jala Amin was assassinated.

September 28:

  • In Tal Afar, a female suicide bomber detonated herself in a line of army recruits killing eight and wounding 57; Al-Qa’ida in Iraq claimed responsibility.
  • In Najaf, a bomb exploded outside the house of a bodyguard of Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr killing six people and wounding eight.
  • In Tikrit, Hatem Fewzi, the director of the provincial governor's office was killed.

September 29:

  • In Balad, three car bombs in the vicinity of an outdoor market killed 102 people, including 35 children, and wounded 119 others.
  • In Basra, gunmen ambushed an Iraqi police convoy killing four policemen.
  • In Balad, two senior police officials were shot to death.
  • In Khalis, Jabir al-Sa'di, the head of the city council was shot to death.
  • In Baghdad, four separate attacks killed four civilians, a twelve-year-old girl and two policemen.

September 30:

  • In Hilla, a car bomb exploded in a crowded market killing 12 people and wounding 47.


October 1: 

  • In Manthera, militants opened fire on a wedding ceremony killing two people.
  • In Kirkuk, a roadside bomb killed four policemen.
  • In Baghdad, Sunni Imam Saleh Hassan Ayash was shot to death.

October 2:

  • In Baghdad, militants assassinated Safa'a Mohammad Jassin, Director General of the Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works.  

October 3:

  • In Baghdad, a convoy carrying the Iraqi oil minister was hit by a roadside bomb killing three of the minister’s escorts.
  • In Mosul, Nafi’a Aziz, a member of Ninevah’s provincial council was shot to death along with her son.
  • In Hilla, a bomb detonated inside a restaurant killing two people.
  • In Kirkuk, two policemen were killed.

October 4:

  • In Baghdad, a suicide car bombing killed two Iraqi policemen.

October 5:

  • In Hilla, a suicide bomb blast at a Shiite mosque killed 25 people and wounded 87.
  • The Army of Ansar al-Sunna posted a video on the Internet showing the beheading of two Iraqis.
  • In separate incidents in Kirkuk, militants shot to death Police Captain Ali Othman and a civilian and retired police Brigadier Nabiel Sharaf Aldeen and his two-year-old daughter. 

October 6:

  • In Baghdad, a suicide bus bomber killed 11 people and a suicide car bomber attacked a convoy carrying private security contractors killing three bystanders.
  • Near Kirkuk, militants shot dead five oil ministry security guards in their car.
  • Near the Iranian border, the bodies of 22 young Sunni men were found; they had been abducted in Baghdad in August 2005. 

October 7:

  • In Kirkuk, a car bomb killed two people. 
  • In Baghdad, two civil defense workers riding in a taxi were shot to death.
  • In northern Baghdad, three security guards at an oil facility were shot to death.

October 8:

  • En route to Kirkuk, militants shot to death Abdelmawjud Ahmed Jaburi, a member of the Hawija city council. 
  • In Baghdad, militants shot to death police captain Hakki Ismail.
  • In Al-Ghazaliya, Baghdad, a suicide car bomb killed seven people.

October 9:

  • A suicide car bomb in Basra killed two people outside an apartment building.
  • In Basra, Iraqi freelance/New York Times journalist Fakher Haider was abducted from his home and murdered.
  • In Samarra, militants shot to death a teacher at the Teachers Institute training college.

October 10:

  • In western Baghdad, militants attacked a convoy carrying delegates from the Arab League, killing three police escorts.
  • In western Baghdad, a suicide car bombing killed three civilians and three policemen.

October 11:

  • In Tal Afar, a suicide car bomber killed 30 Iraqis at a crowded market.
  • In Baghdad, a suicide car bomber killed seven people at a checkpoint.
  • In Kirkuk, three people were killed in a drive-by shooting.

October 12:

  • In Tal Afar, a suicide bomber killed 30 Iraqis outside an army recruiting center.
  • Four civilians, two policemen, and the imam of a mosque were all killed by gunmen in separate shootings in Baghdad.
  • Eight bodies were found in Iskandariyah.

October 13:

  • In Kirkuk, a suicide car bombing killed two policemen.
  • In Mosul, a bomb targeting a U.S. army patrol killed two civilians.
  • In Tikrit, a mortar round landed in a vegetable market, killing one person.

October 14:

  • In Baquba, a roadside bomb killed four policemen.
  • In Baghdad, militants shot to death Hamed al Marsumi, a member of the Iraqi Islamic Party.

October 16:

  • Southwest of Baghdad in Saydiya, militants shot to death Colonel Abbas Fadhil, a security advisor at the Iraqi Interior Ministry.

October 17:

  • In Mahaweel, south of Baghdad, militants opened fire on a mosque killing three people.

October 18:

  • In eastern Baghdad, Iyad Abdul Ghani Yusuf, adviser to the Iraqi industry minister, was shot to death as he traveled to work in his car.
  • In Mansur, Baghdad, a mortar shell fell inside an elementary school killing three people, including one child.
  • In Ramadi, militants shot to death Talib al-Dulaimi, deputy governor of Anbar Province and his driver.

October 19:

  • In Baghdad, gunmen shot to death newspaper editor Mohammad Harun Hassan, the general secretary of the Union of Iraqi Journalists.
  • In Dora, Baghdad, gunmen shot to death Hatem Mirza Hamza, mayor of Baghdad, and his driver.  

October 20:

  • In Baghdad, gunmen abducted and murdered Saadoun Janabi, a defense attorney for one of Saddam Hussein’s co-defendants.
  • South of Baghdad in Alexandria, six Shiite workers were shot to death as they were coming out of a factory.
  • West of Baghdad, gunmen shot to death four policemen at a checkpoint and killed three election commission officials.  
  • In south Baghdad, in different attacks, gunmen shot to death the director of Baghdad municipality and his driver and three employees of Iraqi airlines.
  • In Baquba, militants shot to death Shawakt Bader, Deputy Chairman of the Arab-Kurd Friendship Society in Diyali and a suicide car bombing killed four people.
  • In Diyala, a suicide car bomb killed four Iraqis.
  • In Iskandariya, militants attacked a house killing a father and his two sons.
  • In Tikrit, mortar fire killed four civilians.

October 21:

  • Near the Jordanian border, three policemen were bound and executed.

October 23:

  • In Tikrit, a roadside bomb killed Police Lieutenant Colonel Haitham Akram, his two sons, and two young girls nearby.
  • In Baghdad, a suicide car bomber killed four people.
  • South of Baghdad, 12 construction workers were killed by gunmen.
  • In Iskandariya, police found six bodies.
  • In Samarra, a mortar shell killed six household members.
  • In Kirkuk, a bomber rammed his car into a U.S. military convoy killing two civilians and wounding 13.
  • Near Taji, gunmen shot three Iraqis driving a water truck to an Iraqi army base.
  • In Baquba, a series of drive-by shootings killed a police lieutenant, three civilians and a student cleric.
  • Six bodies were found in Mahmoudiya.

October 24:

  • Al-Qa’ida in Iraq claimed responsibility for three car bomb attacks near hotels in Baghdad that killed 17 people.
  • In southwestern Baghdad, gunmen killed city official Muhammad Ali Nemeh, three municipal employees and a bystander.
  • A bomb attack at the Baiji oil refinery killed five Iraqis.

October 25:

  • In Sulaimaniyah, a suicide car bomb exploded near a regional government ministry killing at least nine people.
  • In Baquba, a suicide bomber killed 11 civilian bus passengers.

October 26:

  • In Baghdad, Ministry of Culture official Nabil al-Musawi was shot to death along with his driver.
  • Near Baquba, militants shot to death three civilian engineers working at an army base and their driver.
  • In Kirkuk, Police Lieutenant Colonel Ardjman Abdullah was killed by gunfire.

October 27:

  • In Dora, Baghdad, militants shot to death Police Lieutenant Colonel Mahdi Hussein. 
  • A suicide car bomb in Karrada, Baghdad killed one person.

October 28:

  • In Kamishli, a family of five was taken hostage and shot to death.
  • In Fallujah, two roadside bombs killed four civilians.

October 29:

  • Near Baquba, in the Shiite village of Howaider, a bomb hidden in a truck loaded with dates exploded, killing at least 28 people and wounding 34. 
  • In Baquba, militants attacked a police checkpoint, killing two policemen and three civilians.
  • In Kirkuk, militants shot to death Mikhail Eros, deputy director general of oil wells in the Kirkuk area.

October 30: 

  • Al-Qa’ida in Iraq claimed responsibility for the assassination of Ghaleb Abdel Mehdi, cabinet adviser and the brother of Iraqi vice president Adel Abdel Mehdi in Baghdad.
  • In Baghdad, militants ambushed the convoy of a top Trade Ministry official killing two of his bodyguards.
  • Eleven bodies of unidentified men were found in the village of al-Khazaaleyah.

October 31:

  • In Basra, a car bomb exploded in a commercial district killing at least 20 people and wounding 40.
  • In Baghdad, two car bombs and five drive-by shootings killed five Iraqis.
  • In Tal Afar, 14 bodies were found.
  • In Dulu’yah, gunmen shot to death a translator working for the U.S. military.

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