August 2005 - October 2005

August 2005 - October 2005


  • Philippines-August 2005: Philippine police arrested three suspected Abu Sayyaf members: Alex Kahal, alias Alex Alvarez, is accused of carrying out bombings in Zamboanga City in October 2002 that killed 11 people, and Thoks Adil and Falcon Sali are accused of planting a bomb that wounded three people on southern Mindanao island in July 2005. 
  • Philippines-October 2005: A Philippine court sentenced three Islamic militants - Indonesian Rohmat, alias Zaki and Filipinos Gamal Baharan, alias Tapay and Angelo Trinidad, alias Abu Khalil - to death for the February 2005 Manila bus bombing that killed four people. Abu Sayyaf claimed responsibility for the bombing. Rohmat is a suspected member of Jemaah Islamiyah while Baharan and Trinidad are suspected members of Abu Sayyaf.


  • United States-August 2005: American citizen and Washington, D.C. taxi driver Mahmud Faruq Brent, a.k.a. Mahmud Al Mutazzim, 39, was charged with conspiring to provide material support to Lashkar-e-Taiba (LET), a U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization. According to the complaint filed in New York, Brent received training at a LET terrorist camp in Pakistan and is linked to convicted members of the LET-affiliated "Virginia Jihad" network and Tariq Shah, indicted in May 2005 on charges of conspiring to provide material support to Al-Qa'ida.  The Virginia Jihad case has yielded 10 convictions to date. 
  • United States-September 2005: Maryland legal resident and Pakistani citizen Ali Asad Chandia, 28, was arrested and indicted by a federal grand jury in Virginia on charges of providing material support to LET. The arrest and indictment are a continuation of the "Virginia Jihad" investigations. The indictment alleges that Chandia helped Mohammed Ajmal Khan, a Pakistani-born British national currently in custody in Great Britain on terrorism charges and allegedly a senior LET procurement official, acquire equipment for the terrorist group, including 50,000 paintballs and an electronic autopilot system and video equipment for use on model airplanes. Chandia is also charged with being the former "personal assistant" of convicted LET spiritual leader Ali Al-Timimi, currently serving a life sentence for inciting his "Virginian Jihad" followers to attend terrorist camps abroad and prepare to battle U.S. troops. 
  • India-October 2005: Pakistani national Mohammed Arif, alias Ashfaq, and six Indians were convicted of the December 2000 attack at a New Delhi monument that killed a civilian and two soldiers. Police said Arif was a member of LET.


  • Pakistan-September 2005: Pakistani authorities arrested Asif Chotto, the reputed head of the banned Islamic extremist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LEJ), and two of his accomplices. Chotto is credited with reorganizing LEJ after its senior leaders were either arrested or killed between 2001 and 2003. Banned in Pakistan in 2001 and a U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization, LEJ is believed responsible for many attacks on Pakistani Shiites since its founding in 1996. Chotto has been linked to several LEJ attacks, including a May 2005 attack on a Shiite mosque in Karachi that killed 5 people.    


  • United States-September 2005: A federal grand jury in Albany, NY, issued a superseding indictment against Iraqi-born Kurd Yassin Muhiddin Aref, 35, and Bangladeshi Mohammed Mosharref Hossam, 50, charging them with conspiring to provide and attempting to provide material support to Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM), a U.S.-designated foreign terrorist organization. In the original August 2004 19-count indictment, the men were charged with conspiring to launder money and terrorism in connection with a government sting operation involving a fictitious plot to buy a shoulder-fired missile to assassinate a Pakistani diplomat. Aref was the imam of an Albany mosque and Hossam was one of the mosque's founders. 
  • India-September 2005: Delhi police arrested suspected JEM militant Khurshid Ahmed Butt, believed to be an area commander of JEM in Jammu and Kashmir. 
  • India-October 2005: Indian authorities arrested three alleged JEM activists including a JEM commander, Mohammad Saleem Wani.


  • France-September 2005: French authorities arrested nine suspected Islamic militants accused of forming a GSPC terror cell that plotted attacks on Paris targets. Among those held is Safe Bourada, 35, the suspected cell ringleader who was convicted in France in 1998 for providing funds, arms and logistical support for the 1995 Paris bomb attacks. Bourada was sentenced to 10 years in prison but secured an early release in 2003.


  • United States-July-August 2005: Two shipping company employees, Lebanese-born Montreal resident Naji Antoine Abi Khalil, 40 and Israeli-born New York resident Tomer Grinberg, 31, pleaded guilty in Little Rock, Arkansas, in connection with a planned shipment of night-vision goggles to Hizballah. Khalil entered three guilty pleas, including attempting to provide material support to Hizballah. Grinberg pleaded guilty to conspiracy to export sensitive military equipment without proper licenses.


  • August-September 2005: University of Arkansas graduate student Arwah Jaber, 33, was indicted on charges of knowingly attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization, failing to disclose an alias on an application for naturalization and an application for a passport, obtaining naturalization unlawfully and using a fake Social Security number on a credit card. Arrested in June 2005, Jaber is suspected of trying to join the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in its holy war against Israel.
  • United States-September 2005: A Philadelphia court convicted Palestinian-born Jordanian citizen Atef Hasan Ismail Idais, 28, of falsifying a U.S. visa application when he knowingly failed to disclose his membership in Hamas on his application for a student visa. Idais had been in prison since his arrest and indictment in September 2004 so his one-year sentence was already served. Upon his release, immigration authorities took him in custody for deportation proceedings. In 1999, Idais was convicted in Israel for membership in Hamas.
  • Israel-September 2005: Israeli police arrested alleged senior Hamas terrorist Yakub Muhammad Yakub Abu Etzev, 33. Abu Etzev is accused of being a member of Hamas' supreme coordinating committee, coordinating the activities of the Hamas command in the West Bank with the Saudi Arabian command and serving as a main conduit in the financing of the southern West Bank command. Israeli authorities also made public in September 2005 that they had arrested in July 2005 Osama Bashiti, 30, a Gaza moneychanger suspected of funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to Hamas in Gaza. 
  • Israel-October 2005: Israeli authorities indicted Israeli Arab Muhammad Khalaf for aiding Hamas. Khalaf is suspected of providing Hamas terrorists in the West Bank with materials used in making explosives. He is charged with aiding an enemy in wartime, contact with a foreign agent, the illegal possession of a firearm, criminal conspiracy and attempted criminal conspiracy. 
  • Israel-October 2005: Israeli authorities arrested senior Hamas fugitive Ibrahim Ranimat, wanted for several terrorist attacks including the March 1997 Apropos Café attack in Tel Aviv that killed three women. Separately, authorities arrested alleged Hamas terrorist Haytham Battat, accused of playing a leading role in several Hamas shooting attacks and of preparing the explosives belt used in the August 2005 Hamas suicide bombing in Beersheba.  In a separate incident, two Israeli Arab dentists - Nazmi Hassin and Abdel Salam Zidan - were arrested on suspicion of joining Hamas in the 1990s while studying dentistry in Romania and carrying out assignments for the group. The two reportedly confessed to meeting with Hamas agents in Romania, undergoing terror training in Turkey and providing Hamas with information about Israel. 
  • Israel-October 2005: An Israeli military court convicted Islamic Jihad terrorist Mahmoud Dara, 22, for his role as an accomplice in the shooting death of an Israeli girl in June 2003. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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