AJC Delegation Concludes India Visit

June 28, 2012 – New Delhi – An AJC delegation today concluded two days of high-level talks with Indian officials, policy analysts, diplomats, and business representatives on urgent regional and global issues. The visit was the latest in a series of consultations by the global advocacy organization with leaders of the world's most populous democracy over the past two decades.

"Indian partnership with the United States in the fight against extremism and terror, in taking firm action to reduce the risk of nuclear proliferation, and in advancing Middle East peace is essential to fulfill our common objectives," said Jason Isaacson, AJC's Director of Government and International Affairs, who led the delegation with Patty Marcus, director of AJC's Asia Pacific Institute.

"We see the bonds between the United States and India growing ever stronger," said Isaacson. "With our partners in the Indian American community, AJC will continue to explore ways in which our sister democracies can successfully confront common threats and take maximum advantage of common interests."

The delegation urged Indian interlocutors to increase the visibility of their country's strategic engagement with the United States – and to showcase the mutual benefits of India's relations with Israel, launched formally 20 years ago. Trade, investment, and other forms of cooperation between India and Israel have soared in that period, often out of public view.

Among those with whom AJC met this week were senior officials of the External Affairs Ministry, National Security Council Secretariat, and Prime Minister's Office, Members of Parliament, the ambassadors of the United States, Israel and France, and Indian alumni of two recent AJC Project Interchange seminars in Israel. AJC also met with the distinguished Indian Jewish patriot Lt. Gen. (ret.) J.F.R. Jacob, former governor of Goa and Punjab.