Hezbollah Aims to Set World Aflame

Hezbollah Aims to Set World Aflame

Hezbollah Aims to Set World Aflame
David A. Harris
Executive Director, American Jewish Committee
Week of July 25, 2006

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The Middle East seems complicated, but facts are facts.

Fact: Until 9/11, Hezbollah had killed more Americans than any other terror group. Other countries, such as Argentina and France, have also suffered deadly attacks from Hezbollah.

Fact: Hezbollah receives massive supplies of weapons and funds from Iran. Most of the 13,000 missiles in Hezbollah's arsenal came from Iran, shipped via Syria. Imagine if one day Iran has nuclear weapons. Will Hezbollah receive them as well?

Fact: Hezbollah seeks the destruction of Israel. Hezbollah leaders lose no opportunity to say so clearly.

Fact: Hezbollah has created a state within a state in Lebanon. Ignoring UN resolutions to disarm, Hezbollah undermines Lebanon's sovereignty.

Secretary of State Rice said that the "goal of Hezbollah is to set the world aflame." Israel's goal is to ensure it doesn't happen.

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This is David Harris of the American Jewish Committee.

Date: 7/25/2006 12:00:00 AM