Ten Actions for Energy Security

Ten Actions for Energy Security

Ten Actions for Energy Security
by David Harris
Executive Director, AJC

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Want to help America’s national security, economy and environment?

Here are ten ways to deal responsibly with energy.
  1. Make your next vehicle purchase at least 25-50 percent more fuel-efficient than your current vehicle.
  2. Use mass transit as a travel alternative and carpool whenever possible.
  3. Install compact fluorescent light bulbs in your home to save energy.
  4. Use reusable bags when shopping instead of plastic bags.
  5. Keep your thermostat cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer than in the past.
  6. Purchase only Energy Star® certified energy-efficient home appliances.
  7. Contact elected officials to encourage policies that promote American energy security.
  8. Ask your workplace, house of worship, and civic associations to adopt 'green' practices.
  9. Educate yourself and look for more ways to reduce your dependence on oil.
  10. And share this energy pledge with others.
To do so, go to ajc.org. Click on the Energy Pledge.

This is David Harris of AJC.
Date: 11/3/2009 12:00:00 AM