AJC Welcomes Lifting Ban on Offshore Drilling

October 14, 2010 – New York -- AJC welcomes the Obama Administration’s lifting of last summer’s ban on offshore drilling, enacted in response to the catastrophic BP oil spill off the Gulf Coast. Resumption is an important step in developing domestic energy sources – under greatly improved safety measures –and reducing dependence on foreign oil. 

“Our energy crisis will not be solved with a quick fix,” said Richard Foltin, AJC Director of National and Legislative Affairs. ”Domestic oil production is important, as our reliance on imported oil has severe national security implications.”

AJC has long called for energy policy that seeks new approaches to the way America develops alternative fuels and uses energy.

“Our national approach must be multifaceted, encompassing a broad commitment to a substantial reduction in America’s reliance on oil,” said Foltin.

“Needed measures include an open fuel standard, green technologies, such as plug-in hybrids, and sustained investment in research and development.”

Since the United States is years away from the shift to alternative fuels and technologies, domestic oil production remains important for meeting America’s energy needs.

AJC said the administration’s actions this week are important for developing domestic oil resources, and urged rapid implementation accompanied by policies that ensure effective oversight of the energy industry and adherence to strict environmental safeguards.


“It is imperative that we learn from the lessons of the Gulf disaster,” Foltin said.