AJC Applauds UN Condemnation of Iran’s Human Rights Violations

AJC Applauds UN Condemnation of Iran’s Human Rights Violations


November 21, 2013 – New York – AJC applauds the UN General Assembly Third Committee for overwhelmingly supporting a resolution criticizing human rights violations in Iran.

“The UN is sending a clear message to Tehran that the international community stands with the people of Iran, and will not ignore the regime’s ongoing, extensive abuse of their human rights,” said E. Robert Goodkind, Chair of AJC’s Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights (JBI).

The resolution, based on the most recent report of Dr Ahmed Shaheed, the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, “expresses deep concern at serious ongoing and recurring human rights violations in Iran.” 

Last month, JBI called on “President Rouhani to immediately and unconditionally correct the gross violations documented by Special Rapporteur Shaheed.” 

The Third Committee resolution was supported by 83 member states, with 36 voting no and 62 abstaining. This is the tenth consecutive UN General Assembly Third Committee resolution calling for human rights protections in Iran. The full General Assembly is expected to adopt the resolution in December.

The  resolution calls on Iran to immediately and unconditionally release all prisoners of conscience; to firmly implement extensive measures to end Iran’s ongoing assault on the freedoms of expression, assembly, association, religion and the equal rights of women; and to stop the widespread use of torture, arbitrary arrests, detentions and unfair trials, including extensive due process violations. It also calls for comprehensive accountability measures, and an end to the systematic targeting and harassment of human rights defenders, media professionals, lawyers and opposition activists, and ethnic and religious minorities.

“Iran’s laws and practices must be reformed to fulfill President Rouhani’s pledges to restore and expand freedoms for all Iranians,” said Goodkind.


Date: 11/21/2013 12:00:00 AM

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