How can Netanyahu employ a broader vision in a cloud of Hamas hatred?

Boston Globe
Ned Dublio and Ken Levine
July 27, 2014


There was a large element of the surreal in the July 23 editorial “Netanyahu should consider future costs of Gaza invasion.” The Globe contends that if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a broader vision for resolving the conflict with the Palestinians, then Israel might have arrived at a different and somehow better response to the thousands of missiles that Hamas has fired at Israeli civilians. Of course, the Globe does not offer what such a response might have looked like. It also paid scant attention to the root cause of the current conflict.

We encourage Globe readers to carefully read Hamas’ charter. It calls for the destruction of the Jewish state, a commitment from which Hamas has not waivered. The charter also legitimizes the murder of Jews — all Jews. To that end it has sent thousands of missiles into Israel and forced two-thirds of Israel’s population into bomb shelters. No country could have done differently than Israel has to end a reign of terror that has afflicted the country for nearly eight years.

Hamas is living out its ideals and sacrificing citizens of Gaza to its cause by turning them into human shields. Fortunately, there are many Palestinians who oppose Hamas and would prefer investment in building a state, Palestine, over destruction of another, Israel.

The proponents of a peaceful resolution resulting in two states are consistently undermined when well-intended friends consistently discount the harsh reality Hamas introduces into Middle East peacemaking.

Ned Dubilo

Kenneth Levine

AJC National Board of Governors