AJC Urges Berlin Government to Prevent Use of Anti-Semitic Images at Roger Waters Concert

September 3, 2013 – Berlin -- In an open letter to Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit, AJC has asked the Berlin government to take action against the scandalous use of an inflatable horned pig balloon emblazoned with the Jewish Star of David that will be used in former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters’ performance in Berlin on September 4.

“It is grotesque for Roger Waters to claim there is nothing anti-Semitic in floating a horned pig balloon with a Jewish star, together with symbols such as the dollar sign, the Shell Oil logo and the hammer and sickle, for his audience to destroy,” said AJC Berlin Director Deidre Berger. “Roger Waters’ hateful statements about the state of Israel and the Jewish people leave little doubt that he deliberately chose a combination of symbols that evoke a broad range of anti-Semitic imagery.”

Berger added that “whatever perverse fantasies Roger Waters seems to have regarding the Jewish people, it is incomprehensible that Berlin would allow such an anti-Semitic performance to take place on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish high holidays, at a publicly owned stadium misused by the Nazis for some of the largest propaganda shows known to mankind.”

Roger Waters, who has labeled Israel an “apartheid state,” has called for a total boycott of Israel that would include an end to cultural and artistic exchange. This past week, the Jewish Community of Düsseldorf called for a boycott of his upcoming show there on September 6, claiming that his show evokes images reminiscent of those used by the Nazis.

AJC Berlin called on the Berlin government, the owner of the Olympia Stadium, to examine prior to the performance whether such a vile demonstration of anti-Semitic symbols violates existing stadium rules regulating public incitement.