AJC Welcomes Twitter Decision to Join Fight Against Anti-Semitism

July 12, 2013 – Paris – AJC France commended Twitter on its long overdue decision to cooperate with French authorities and civil society groups to combat anti-Semitism.

Twitter announced today that it had given account information to judicial authorities "enabling the identification of some authors" of anti-Semitic and racist tweets. The decision comes six months after a French court ordered Twitter to provide the data. Last month the court of appeals in Paris upheld that decision.

France’s Union of Jewish Students (UEJF), and four other non-profit organizations dedicated to combatting racism, had sued the social media company last November after the appearance of several hashtags, including #unbonjuif and #agoodjew.

Twitter also announced its agreement with the UEJF "to pursue actively their collaboration in fighting racism and anti-Semitism.”

French Minister Fleur Pellerin welcomed Twitter’s decision to abide by the court’s ruling. “It is important because it ends the impunity of individuals who are guilty of criminal offenses,” said Minister Pellerin, who is in charge of innovation and digital economy, “but it does not question the anonymity of the immense majority of Twitter users.”

"Twitter’s decision to cooperate with French authorities and the UEJF sends an important message to authors of virulent anti-Semitic tweets,” said AJC France Director Simone Rodan-Benzaquen. “Going forward, these hate-mongers will be on notice. They cannot hide behind a digital screen to spread anti-Semitic messages and other messages that incite hatred."