Mutual Responsibility

Mutual Responsibility

Israel, its land, culture, language, institutions, and people, is a major resource for world Jewry, providing Jews everywhere with a vital sense of peoplehood and self-confidence. The Diaspora, in all its diversity and with all its material, cultural, and political capacities, is a major resource for Israel by reason of which Israel is both sustained and exerts an influence over, a realm vastly greater than its narrow borders.

The Talmud teaches that all Jews are responsible for one another. Threats to Jews in one corner of the world endanger Jews everywhere. All Jews are responsible for sustaining Jewish life wherever Jews live. The most obvious solution for some Jewish communities may indeed lie in immigration to Israel. Yet rescue or relief in whatever form that is most appropriate to particular endangered Jewish communities remains the responsibility of the entire Jewish people.

Similarly, as American Jews grapple with their critical task of ensuring their future Jewish continuity, Israel shares the responsibility to assist American Jewry in meeting that challenge. Moreover, American Jewry has a stake in and responsibility for helping ensure the continued salience and presence of Judaic values within Israeli society.

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Date: 2/11/1995 12:00:00 AM