A tall order: Stop Terrorism

A tall order: Stop Terrorism


No issue is more urgent, no security threat more ominous.

Since the World Trade Center bombing two years ago, terrorists espousing a radical, vengeful interpretation of Islam have struck in Buenos Aires (for the second time), Panama, London, Cairo, Algiers and throughout Israel.

Terrorists claim divine guidance, but their brutal acts are condemned by the 50-country Islamic Conference Organization as "a clear deviation from the teachings of the righteous Islamic religion and blatant violation of our values, norms and heritage."

Terrorists are funded, housed, equipped, trained and provided logistical support, according to the U.S. government, by such U.N. member states as Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Syria.

Terrorists have taken the lives of hundreds of men, women and children of many nationalities and religions. Their targets can be anywhere. The next bus. The next plane. The next skyscraper.

A global peril, terrorism must be confronted globally--and immediately.

First, the U.S. and like-minded nations must intensify their cooperation in the fight against terrorism, making it an urgent international priority. Intelligence-gathering and investigative resources must be increased, border control procedures reassessed, and the flow of financial support to terrorist "charities" blocked, consistent with constitutional safeguards.

Second, the international community's tolerance of states that support terrorism must end. In Europe and the Far East, nations that extend preferential loans and other concessions to such states must be pressed to reconsider their shortsighted policies.

Third, moderate Arab states must be supported in their efforts to contain the forces of extremism. They are on the front line in this struggle.

Fourth, we must work to further the process of reconciliation between Israel and the Arab world which benefits the entire region, and undercuts the appeal of extremism.

These steps will enhance safety across the globe, in every land menaced by terrorism, including our own. It's a tall order . . . and a vital one.

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