It takes all kinds.

It takes all kinds.

July 4, 1996 - The Washington Post

The tired. The poor. The huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

From every corner of the world, from every race, faith, culture and creed, we have come or been brought to America. Separately and together, we have dreamed of freedom. And in America, as nowhere else on earth, we have made the dream of freedom real.

But today, that common dream of freedom, that common pursuit by a diverse people of a stronger and fairer America, is challenged. In communities across the land, suspicious fires lay waste to African-American and other churches, sowing fear and outrage. In the media, in the halls of Congress, on the campaign trail and in the streets, angry voices echo distressingly familiar calls to divide America into "us" and "them" along ethnic, racial, religious and other lines. The well-being of American democratic pluralism - in which each of us holds an equal stake in our nation's future - is in question.

At the American Jewish Committee, we have worked for 90 years to safeguard that essential ideal of pluralism. The task is critical. Too easily and too often, the delicate cords of law and civility that bind society have frayed, setting group against group. When those cords snap, all are threatened; indeed, the essence of America is imperiled.

Join us in the cause of keeping America safe from the haters and dividers. Join us in the vital, daily enterprise of ensuring America fulfills its promise of freedom, justice and mutual respect for all.

The American Jewish Committee America's Pioneering Human Relations Agency

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