Just One Country

Just One Country

January 21 and 23, 2001 - The New York Times, The Washington Post

One and only one country in the Middle East has all of the following characteristics:

A multi-party political system and free and fair elections.

Smooth transfers of power from one government to another.

A free-market economy.

Civilian control of the military.

The rule of law and an independent judiciary.

A free press.

Gender equality.

Freedom of religion and access to holy sites for Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Protection of minorities.

Arabic as an official language.

Distinguished universities advancing the world’s frontiers of knowledge in medicine, science, technology, agriculture and many other fields.

An uninterrupted 3,500-year link among a people, a land and a prophetic vision.

The Country? Israel, of course, America's Democratic Partner in the Middle East.

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