AJC Dismayed by U.S. Gen. Boykin?s anti-Muslim Statements

October 17, 2003

October 17, 2003 - 
New York - The American Jewish Committee today expressed deep dismay over Lt. General William Boykin who has verbally attacked Muslims with offensive and demeaning statements.

The full text of the AJC statement follows:

“We are dismayed to read the statements of Lt. General William Boykin who, in the military uniform of the United States, has attacked Muslims as idolaters and forces of Satan.

“It would be disturbing enough if Gen. Boykin spoke such vitriolic words in private, but unacceptable in our democracy that he do so in uniform at public religious gatherings,” said AJC.

“This is a time when many around the world use religious language to humiliate and terrorize others, including Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir, who expressed ugly anti-Semitic remarks this week at the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

“All Americans, and especially those who represent our nation, must be models of vigilance against religious incitement. Yes, we face a battle against relentless enemies, yet we must be resolute to do so without the language of bigotry, hatred and religious intolerance.”


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