Annual AJC-Saint Leo Catholic-Jewish Conference

February 25, 2003

February 25, 2003 -  NEW YORK -- The roots and contemporary paths of Jewish and Catholic spirituality will be explored at the sixth annual conference of The Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies, a collaboration of the American Jewish Committee and Saint Leo University.

The AJC-Saint Leo conference, "Spirituality: Roots and Paths," will take place on March 2 and 3, at Saint Leo University in Saint Leo, Florida. "What a great opportunity to share and learn from each other’s Jewish and Christian spiritualities," said the Rev. Michael Cooper, S.J., Director of the Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies at Saint Leo University.

Keynote speakers include Dr. Lawrence S. Cunningham, Professor of Theology at University of Notre Dame; Dr. Everett Fox, Director of the Program on Jewish Studies at Clark University; Dr. Pamela S. Nadell, Director of the Jewish Studies Program at American University; and, Dr. Peter Steinfels, New York Times columnist.

"The Conference deals with one of today’s big stories, the spiritual quest by millions of people for authentic meaning in their lives. Our conference focuses on those themes and values that Christians and Jews share, while at the same time fully affirming and celebrating the unique beliefs and traditions of each faith community," said Rabbi A. James Rudin, AJC’s senior interreligious advisor and a founder of the Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies at Saint Leo University.

"As the only interreligious center south of Baltimore, the AJC-Saint Leo University enterprise takes on increasing importance when viewed against the explosive population growth of Catholics and Jews in Florida," said Rabbi Rudin.

The Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies was established in 1998 as a collaboration between the American Jewish Committee and Saint Leo University. Both organizations are firmly committed to developing mutual respect and understanding between Catholics and Jews. The Center has already become an important intellectual and spiritual resource for both clergy and lay people.

The American Jewish Committee, founded in 1906, builds bridges of understanding across ethnic, national, racial and religious lines in America and around the world. AJC chapters in Sarasota, Boca Raton and Miami have been involved in the partnership with Saint Leo University.

Chartered in 1889, Saint Leo University is a four-year Catholic, liberal arts based university located just north of Tampa, Florida. Saint Leo became a university on August 24, 1999.

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