AJC Criticizes Rev. Pat Robertson For Comments Denigrating Islam

November 13, 2002

November 13, 2002 -  NEW YORK -- The American Jewish Committee today sharply criticized the Rev. Pat Robertson for his sweeping condemnation of Islam.
“While there are highly disturbing trends of anti-Semitism and, more generally, intolerance in the Muslim world, the Rev. Robertson’s wholesale denigration of an entire faith, by calling Muslims ‘worse than Nazis,’ is outrageous,” said David A. Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee.

“Jews do not live under any illusions about the challenges before us, but we must always make distinctions between the extremists, with whom dialogue is impossible, and those committed to moderation and coexistence,” said Mr. Harris. “By condemning all Muslims, rather than singling out Islamists whose twisted theology threatens all Christians and Jews alike, the Rev. Robertson has failed to make a distinction that is central to advancing interreligious relations.”

The American Jewish Committee has launched a number of initiatives seeking to advance Muslim-Jewish relations, building upon decades of successful interreligious work in dealing with Christian denominations.

Mr. Harris also took umbrage at the recent statement by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, who had slandered an entire faith by calling the Prophet Muhammad a "terrorist."

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