AJC Welcomes Episcopal Church Decision on Divestment

October 11, 2005 New York – The American Jewish Committee welcomes the Episcopal Church decision to use the church’s investments to encourage positive change in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


“The Episcopal Church’s action to invest in companies fostering Israeli-Palestinian relations reflects a courageous commitment to promote peace by building bridges to connect Jews and Palestinians,” said David Elcott, AJC’s director of interreligious affairs. Elcott has spearheaded a national Jewish dialogue with the Episcopalians and other major Christian denominations, and traveled with church leaders to the Middle East last month.


Elcott communicated the AJC praise in a letter to Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold:


“The American Jewish Committee wants to reaffirm our deep commitment to work as partners for peace with the Episcopalian Church.  We commend the decision of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church to direct the Social Responsibility in Investments (SRI) committee to use the church's investments to encourage positive change in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. We want to join you in constructive investment that will lead to a viable, secure Palestinian State living at peace with an equally viable and secure State of Israel.

”As you know, Christian and Jewish leaders recently spent five days together in the Holy Land following a year of dialogue and engagement. Rev. Canon Brian Grieves of the Episcopal Church has been a pivotal leader in this interfaith effort to bring peace in the
Holy Land, and we are very grateful for his patience and fidelity to reaching out to us. Together, we have heard the cry of Palestinians and Israelis alike who seek an end to all forms of violence, to live independently in peace, and to rekindle hope in the future. We are all obligated to listen and to act on their behalf. As a result of the SRI decision, we rededicate ourselves to work with you on this as well as the many other areas of healing and justice that demand our attention and action.”


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