Celebrating Israeli Democracy

Celebrating Israeli Democracy
by David Harris
Executive Director, AJC
Week of April 6, 2009

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On January 20th, we witnessed a peaceful transition from one U.S. administration to another. That’s democracy at work.

Unfortunately, the same doesn’t happen everywhere.

In the Middle East, for example, it’s a rarity. More likely, transition means from father to son, or via the bullet rather than the ballot.

But in Israel, it’s like here.

The voters decide.

We just had another example of Israeli democracy at work.

The peaceful transition from one administration to another.

And Israel’s new prime minister gave his first speech. Here are some quotes:

“Today, more than ever, Israel strives to achieve full peace with all the Arab and Muslim world. Today, this ambition is also backed by a shared interest of Israel and the Arab world that are facing a wave of fanaticism which threatens us all.”

“To the leaders of the Palestinian Authority, I say: if you truly want peace, peace can be obtained.”

A powerful message from the Israeli leader.

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Date: 4/8/2009
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