Young People Lead the Way on Energy

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Hooray for children!

A recent Wall Street Journal article entitled “Inconvenient youths” said that young people are becoming leaders in reducing energy consumption and fighting global warming.

Their efforts don’t come a moment too soon.

One child persuaded his parents to install solar panels on their home as a source of renewable energy.

Another urged his parents to buy a fuel-efficient hybrid rather than a gas guzzler.

A third turns off lights in her house that serve no purpose.

Kids, please keep it up. We need your help, and, yes, your energy.

You need to remind adults that what happens today affects your tomorrow.

Shortsighted behavior is damaging the earth and hurting our country’s position in the world.

We can and must change our energy consumption patterns—and fast.

So, whether at home, school, wherever, young people can make a real difference. And so, of course, can adults, if only we’d spend more time thinking of their future.


This is David Harris of the American Jewish Committee.

Date: 10/2/2007
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