Meeting the Energy Challenge

Meeting the Energy Challenge
David A. Harris
Executive Director, American Jewish Committee
Week of July 18, 2007

It's happening.

America is waking up to the energy challenge.

We're realizing that our dependence on oil from hostile countries endangers national security.

It puts petrodollars in the wrong hands.

Too often, those petrodollars are used to buy weapons, support terrorism and promote incitement against us – and our friends.

And we're realizing that this dependence damages our environment big time.

Remember: We don't own the earth; we're only its temporary custodians. We have an obligation to future generations.

Every day, there are encouraging signs.

Here are a few:

Toyota announced that it had sold its one millionth hybrid car.

Many colleges are going green in their new construction and sources of energy.

Israel has instructed its diplomats in the U.S. to use only energy-efficient cars.

And the U.S. Senate passed legislation raising vehicle fuel economy standards. Now the bill is in the House, where our voices need to be heard.

Come on, America, together we can do it.


This is David Harris of the American Jewish Committee.

Date: 7/18/2007
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