Palestinians Dedicated to Peaceful Compromise Needed

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Palestinians Dedicated to Peaceful Compromise Needed

March 30, 2004

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It's been at the heart of democratic Israel's quest since its founding, with UN support, in 1948.

Thankfully, there's peace with Egypt and Jordan. But with the Palestinians, it's another story.

They could have had a state at the time of Israel's creation. They refused. They weren't prepared to live alongside Israel.

They could have had a state as recently as three years ago. Again they refused.

Instead, they unleashed a new wave of terrorism.

Such Palestinian groups as Hamas openly declare that their goal is to destroy Israel and replace it with a radical Islamic state.

And they get Palestinian teenagers to strap bombs on themselves, luring them with a cash gift for their families and a promise that they'll meet seventy-two virgins in heaven.

When Palestinian leaders finally emerge dedicated to peaceful compromise, they'll find willing partners in Israel.

Until that day, Israel, like any nation, including our own, will do what it must to prevail against those who would destroy it.

This is David Harris of the American Jewish Committee.

Date: 3/30/2004
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