On 1967 War Anniversary Israel Yearns for Peace

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On 1967 War Anniversary Israel Yearns for Peace

June 6, 2005

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Thirty-eight years ago this week, Israel fought a war for survival against Arab neighbors bent on its destruction.

It's a good moment to recall some basic facts.

At the time, the West Bank and Gaza were in Arab, not Israeli, hands. Had the Arab nations wanted to create a Palestinian state, they could have. They didn't.

After the 1967 war, Israel proposed peace talks. Not for the first time, the Arab world categorically said no.

Years later, first Egypt, then Jordan changed their minds. They found a willing partner in Israel and peace treaties were signed.

But with the Palestinians, it's been tougher. Yasir Arafat led his people down a blind alley instead of into a bright valley.

Now there's new Palestinian leadership and Israel has again extended an outstretched hand.

Will the Palestinians confront the terror groups in their midst and seek peaceful coexistence with Israel? Or will they continue the self-destructive policies of the past? Only time and deeds will tell.

This is David Harris of the American Jewish Committee.

Date: 6/6/2005
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