Publications - About AJC

Publications - About AJC

Who we are and what in our 102-year history guides our steps today. Learn about AJC’s illustrious past, current programs, staff leaders, and significant accomplishments.

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2010 Annual Report

Click to download PDF: AJC by the Numbers

AJC by the Numbers

Click to download PDF: American Jewish Committee at 100, by David A. Harris

American Jewish
Committee at 100
by David A. Harris

Click to download PDF: Profiles: A Look at AJC’s Professional Leadership Team

Profiles: A Look at AJC’s Professional Leadership Team

Click to purchase: A Century of Leadership, Publications, AJC Store,

A Century of Leadership

The story of the American
Jewish Committee

Click to purchase: Let Us Prove Strong, Publications, AJC Store,

Let Us Prove Strong
The American Jewish Committee 1945-2006
by Marianne R. Sanua






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