America's Table: A Thanksgiving Reader 2002

America's Table: A Thanksgiving Reader 2002

Like children, we may ask, "Are we there yet?" But we know the answer.

We pursue justice.

But still encounter inequality.

We celebrate freedom.

But not everyone is free.

Our table is brimming.

But some go hungry.

Progress can be slow as we propose and protest, advocate and debate. But we are grateful to be part of this tumult of democracy. We enjoy its unparalleled privileges and accept its obligations:

To pursue our dreams while helping others.

To advance our convictions while respecting others.

To prepare our children for the cherished gift of the American journey that is theirs.

Questions from the U.S. Citizenship Test:
1. What is the 49th state added to our Union?
2. How many Supreme Court
justices are there?
3. What is the basic belief of
the Declaration of Independence?

Answers: 1.Alaska, 2.9; 3.That all people are created equal.

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