Jews and India

Jews and India

The targeting of a Jewish communal center during last week's terror attacks in Mumbai placed Jews in India in an unwelcome spotlight. Learn more in AJC's Jewish IQ Quiz on India.

1. In what year did Israel and India establish full diplomatic relations?
(a) 1948 (b) 1967 (c) 1983 (d) 1992

2. Who, though opposed to the UN Partition Plan, wrote, "Few people can withhold their deep sympathy from the Jews for the long centuries of most terrible oppression to which they have been subjected all over Europe. Fewer still can repress their indignation at the barbarities and racial suppression of Jews which the Nazis have indulged in during the last few years"?
(a) Mahatma Gandhi (b) Jawaharal Nehru (c) Rajendra Prasad (d) Indira Gandhi

3. According to some sources, one Jewish community -- which has remained intact until today -- emigrated to India as early as the days of King Solomon. It settled and developed its distinctive identity in the southwestern port kingdom of...?
(a) Maharashtra (b) Mumbai (c) Manipur (d) Cochin

4. AJC worked actively to support the so-called "123 agreement" between India and the United States, which passed through Congress about two months ago. A "123 agreement" provides for bilateral cooperation in what field?
(a) Space exploration (b) Counter-terrorism (c) Civilian nuclear technology (d) Military technology

5. What often 'typical' element of the historical Jewish experience has been largely non-existent for the Jews of India?
(a) Observance of Kashrut (b) Anti-Semitism (c) Large-scale emigration to Israel (d) Involvement in international commerce

6. Though an Indian Prime Minister has never visited Israel, what Israeli prime minister has paid a state visit to Delhi?
(a) Benjamin Netanyahu (b) Menachem Begin (c) Ariel Sharon (d) David Ben-Gurion

7. How many synagogues are there in Mumbai?
(a) 1 (b) 4 (c) 9 (d) 15

8. India sought and received armaments from Israel during its 1962 war against...?
(a) China (b) Pakistan (c) Sri Lanka (d) Burma

9. The Bene Israel are a unique community of Jews who speak the Indian language of Marathi and trace their lineage in India to 175 BCE. They have been confirmed by DNA tests to share the heredity of what ancient Israelite group?
(a) Kohanim (b) The tribe of Judah (c) Levites (d) The tribe of Zebulun

10. In 2007, the president of the All India Council of Imams, Maulana Jameel Ilyasi, made an historic visit to Israel on an AJC-sponsored trip. He is essentially the chief imam of India's Muslim population, which numbers approximately...?
(a) 25 million (b) 50 million (c) 100 million (d) 200 million

Bonus: The actor who played what minor character on Seinfeld is the Israeli-born child of Indian Jewish parents?
(a) Uncle Leo (b) The Soup Nazi (c) Babu Bhatt (d) Joe Mayo

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