The selection of Rahm Emanuel, born in the U.S. to an Israeli father, as
White House chief of staff highlights the prominent role of
Israeli-Americans -- one among America's many 'hyphenated identities' -- in
American society. Learn more about Americans born in Israel and of Israeli
parentage in this week's Jewish IQ quiz.

1. Actress Natalie Portman, born in Jerusalem, plays whose mother in three Star
Wars films?
(a) Luke Skywalker (b) Han Solo (c) Anakin Skywalker (d) Obi Wan Kenobi

2. Mickey Arison, estimated among the world's 100 wealthiest persons in 2006,
owns Carnival Cruises and what NBA franchise?
(a) New York Knicks (b) LA Lakers (c) Miami Heat (d) Orlando Magic

3. Daniel Pearl, the acclaimed Israeli-American reporter captured and brutally
murdered in Pakistan in 2002, wrote for what publication?
(a) Washington Post (b) Wall Street Journal (c) Newsweek (d) New York Times

4. Itzhak Perlman has achieved widespread recognition as a violin virtuoso
despite suffering from lasting effects of what debilitating disease?
(a) Multiple sclerosis (b) Diabetes (c) Muscular dystrophy (d) Polio

5. Born in Haifa, Hillel Slovak was the original guitarist for what noted
California rock band before dying of an overdose at age 26?
(a) Red Hot Chili Peppers (b) Counting Crows (c) The Eagles (d) Green Day

6. Three Israeli-American brothers founded what clothing company, known
especially for its advertising and popular designer jeans in the late 70s
and early 80s?
(a) Guess (b) Jordache (c) Diesel (d) Calvin Klein

7. The scholar Amitai Etzioni, who grew up in Israel after fleeing Germany as a
child, is perhaps the leader of what school of thought in political
(a) Libertarianism (b) Liberalism (c) Communitarianism (d) Republicanism

8. Rahm's brother Ari Emanuel, a well-known Hollywood figure, is one of the
movie business' toughest and most successful...?
(a) Producers (b) Directors (c) Studio executives (d) Agents [Answer: D]

9. Avi Arad has produced several blockbuster films based upon Marvel comics,
which include all of the following except...?
(a) Superman Returns (b) Spiderman (c) X-Men (d) Ironman

10. Daniel Kahneman, a Princeton professor, is a 2002 Nobel laureate for his
accomplishments in what field?
(a) Nuclear physics (b) Behavioral economics (c) Genetic engineering (d)
Molecular chemistry

Bonus: You may have seen Eli Elezra competing on ESPN, as he is among
America's more successful professional...?
(a) Poker players (b) Bodybuilders (c) Billiards players (d) Jockeys


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