Black-Jewish Relations

Black-Jewish Relations

With Senator Barack Obama receiving 78 percent of the Jewish vote in his
historic electoral victory, today offers a new opportunity to strengthen the
long relationship between African-Americans and Jews. Learn more about the
relationship in this week's AJC Jewish IQ Quiz on Black-Jewish relations.

1. In the 1900s, Henry Moscowitz, a Jewish physician and activist, co-founded
what organization, whose anti-lynching campaign AJC helped to sponsor in
(a) Urban League (b) NAACP (c) United Negro College Fund (d) Southern
Christian Leadership Conference

2. A community of approximately 2,500 'Black Hebrews,' which began to come to
Israel from Chicago in the 1960s, is primarily concentrated in what Israeli
(a) Dimona (b) Ashdod (c) Haifa (d) Ramla

3. A bitter episode occurred in 1968 in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Ocean
Hill, when firings by a community board led to a city-wide strike of what
heavily Jewish profession?
(a) Social workers (b) Transit workers (c) Public defenders (d) Teachers

4. What prominent rabbi marched beside Martin Luther King, Jr., from Selma to
Montgomery in 1965?
(a) Leo Baeck (b) Gunther Plaut (c) Abraham Joshua Heschel (d) Mordecai

5. What was the common experience of James Chaney, an African-American from
Mississippi, and Michael Schwarner and Andrew Goodman, Jewish Americans from
New York?
(a) Attorneys for the plaintiffs in Brown v. Board of Education (b) Murder
victims during the 1964 Freedom Summer (c) Leaders of Students for a
Democratic Society's civil rights project (d) Participants in the 1960
Greensboro lunch counter sit-in

6. AJC sponsored Kenneth Clark's Studies in Prejudice -- research that provided
the main psychological evidence cited in what key Supreme Court decision on
what subject?
(a) South Carolina v. Katzenbach, voting rights (b) Loving v. Virginia,
interracial marriage (c) Brown v. Board of Education, segregated schools (d)
Grutter v. Bollinger, affirmative action

7. What Jewish businessman, president of Sears Roebuck from 1908-1922,
established a self-named foundation that built thousands of schools for
African-Americans in the South?
(a) Emil Hirsch (b) John Hertz (c) Julius Rosenwald (d) Solomon Guggenheim

8. In total, how many people died during the events in Crown Heights in August
(a) 0 (b) 2 (b) 17 (d) 26

9. What civil rights leader did AJC honor with its American Liberties Medallion
in 1965?
(a) Bayard Rustin (b) John Lewis (c) Martin Luther King, Jr. (d) Malcolm X

10. In a landmark 2003 Supreme Court case, many American Jewish institutions, led by AJC, supported the affirmative action policies of what university?
(a) University of Texas (b) University of Pennsylvania (c) University of Washington (d) University of Michigan

Bonus: The first cousin of what prominent African-American political figure
is a rabbi?
(a) David Paterson (b) Condoleeza Rice (c) Michelle Obama (d) Deval Patrick


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