AJC Washington Statement on Vandalized Chantilly Mosque

February 2, 2012 -- Washington – AJC Washington Director Melanie Maron Pell called the attack on a local mosque “an outrageous assault” on a house of worship. She urged law enforcement to move expeditiously to bring to justice those responsible.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community mosque in Chantilly, Virginia, under construction for nearly a year was set to open this month. Vandals struck earlier this week, breaking windows, though no one entered the building .

“Targeting the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in this way is an act of hatred against all of us,” said Pell. “Assaulting a house of worship has no place in American society.”

Founded in 1889, the Ahmadiyya movement is a small, Muslim minority sect whose beliefs are widely viewed as heretical in the larger Muslim world.

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