Editorial: Unequal time

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Editorial: Unequal time

April 9, 2008

WQXR-FM might know all about Berlioz and Saint-Saëns, which is admirable indeed, but general manager Tom Bartunek can't tell the difference between calculated Hamas terror against Israeli civilians and Israel's legitimate self-defense. Which is rather less impressive.

You'll not hear on The New York Times' classical musical station an American Jewish Committee ad that discusses the ongoing misery of the town of Sderot, ever under rocket fire from across the border:

Day or night, the sirens go on. Fifteen seconds later, the missiles, fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza, hit. They could hit a home, a school, a hospital. ... This is what Israelis experience daily.

Well, yes. But, rules Bartunek: "Outside our bounds of acceptability." Does "not meet our guidelines for decorum." Um, what?

"Does not make clear that the potential target of the missile is not in our listening area."


No, wait, here it is. Here's why the spot is unfit for broadcast:

"Reasonable people might be troubled by the absence of any acknowledgment of reciprocal Israeli military action."

Ah. Of course. Israel must at all costs be condemned for getting itself attacked by jihadists. Just like those goons over at the UN Security Council are always voting.

They appear to have an agreeable comrade at WQXR.

Date: 4/9/2008
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