AJC offers "Israel for 30-Somethings"

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The American Jewish Committee Colorado regional office has launched a new program called, “Israel for 30-Somethings.”
In partnership with DU’s Center for Judaic Studies, this new program has been developed to strengthen the bond between young American Jews and Israel.
AJC and its partners recognize that the 30-something age group is not so strongly connected to Israel as other generations.Israel for 30-Somethings offers a new approach to thinking, learning and conversing about Israel in a non-adversarial, non-ideological, non-partisan environment.AJC Associate Regional Director Matthew Leebove says, “My generation is craving a way to learn and talk about Israel and the wonderful things that are being developed there.”The new program aims to fill that desire by offering a series of discussions and cultural performances that are not advocacy-oriented, and do not presume to dictate the way in which the participants should align themselves with a pre-determined outcome. Through introducing this age group to living room salon meetings and conversation, the goal is to do more than hold a series of events. AJC aims to build a sense of community and friendship among salon participants.At the recent inaugural event, group members enjoyed an evening of conversations surrounding the theme, “Birth of the Jewish State.”The salon was led by DU Professors Dr. Adam Rovner, Dr. Jonathan Sciarcon and visiting Israeli Professor Dr. Menecham Mor. At their most recent event, group members attended a screening and conversation with Israeli award-winning director, Ari Folman at the Denver Film Society.Following a meet and greet dinner with the director, the group along with participants from the university screened Saint Clara, Folman’s first film.

Three more events are scheduled before taking a break over the summer.

Information: Matthew Leebove (303) 320-1742

Date: 4/27/2012
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