Goldman Bridge Fellow

Los Angeles, CA
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Founded in 1906, AJC seeks to enhance the well-being of the Jewish people and Israel and to advance human rights and democratic values in the United States and around the world. In addition to its New York headquarters and Office of Government & International Affairs in Washington, D.C., AJC has regional offices and affiliates across the U.S. and overseas in addition to a multitude of global partnerships.

Among Jewish organizations, AJC is the preeminent leader in the global arena. With a presence in Belgium, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Brazil and Switzerland, AJC’s network of relationships with, and access to, key decision makers and thought leaders on every continent is unmatched. AJC is recognized by foreign leaders, the Israeli and U.S. governments as an effective and trusted interlocutor for Jewish issues, human rights and advocacy for democratic values. Today, AJC proactively tackles the greatest concerns of Jewish communities around the globe.

Cooperation among faith and ethnic groups is a vital ingredient to maintaining the strong, vibrant, democratic fabric of this country. A new generation of young leaders will determine the future of that democracy. This Fellowship is an effort on the part of the Jewish community to focus on building the skills and inspiration needed to engage in that work – within the Jewish community and as a catalyzing force outside of it.

AJC has engaged in groundbreaking interfaith and interethnic work since its founding in 1906 and this work continues to be a primary pillar of AJC’s mission. ACCESS, AJC’s new generation program, has also made advances in building bridges with other ethnic and religious communities to ensure the Jewish community remains a strong player in supporting and strengthening the basis of American pluralism in the future.

The AJC Goldman Bridge Fellowship is designed to significantly enhance ACCESS’s intergroup work among an emerging leadership cohort.Fellows will be expected to:

  • Strengthen the relationship with existing religious and ethnic partners, with a special focus on younger leaders of these communities, and identify new ones
  • Consider dialogue strategies, including AJC’s community service engagement model, and implement the most effective one(s) locally
  • Develop and expand advocacy opportunities with partners
  • Build the base of ACCESS members who can lead and participate in intergroup outreach
  • Coordinate a Building Bridge campaign with other cities and national office
  • Collaborate and coordinate with AJC ACCESS National, both staff and lay, to implement and coordinate global programmatic campaigns
  • Assist in the development and implementation of strategies to broaden the base of ACCESS donors and to deepen the contributions of those already giving


The ideal candidate will have a passion for making a difference in our world.The candidate will be committed to working hard and have demonstrated his or her ability to take initiative and follow-through.The candidate will also be a team player.And finally, the candidate will have a strong interest in community building within the Jewish community and between Jewish and non-Jewish communities.

Mentorship: Mentorship will be an important part of this fellowship. Fellows will receive meaningful mentorship from senior AJC staff in the regional office as well as national staff, including AJC experts working on intergroup and interreligious relations.

Professional Development: Fellows will engage in periodic professional development workshops via conference calls and webinars featuring national staff experts to help the fellows hone their skills. The network of AJC experts will also be available at all times to provide invaluable support to the fellows during their fellowship year. The fellows will also be in frequent contact with each other to provide support and share skills.

Travel: The fellows will travel to AJC’s Global Forum in Washington, DC, in May 2014 with the possibility of participating in other trips and conferences related to the fellows’ intergroup work

Location: Los Angeles will host one fellow.Fellows do not need to currently live in Los Angeles to apply for the fellowship.

Duration: This is a 1 year fellowship with the possibility of extending to a second year.

Stipend: Fellows will receive a $40,000/year stipend.

Religious Affiliation: While it is not necessary to adhere to any specific religious practice, a strong, demonstrated interested in Judaism and the Jewish community is a requirement.

Application Schedule: Applications must be received by Monday, December 2, 2013. Applications must include all of the materials listed below. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

  • Letter explaining your interest in this position and prior outreach experience to ethnic and religious communities and/or young leadership within the Jewish community
  • Résumé


AJC's Goldman Bridge Fellowship is made possible by a generous grant from The Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation.


Please submit your complete application online at: