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Washington DC

Founded in 1906, AJC seeks to enhance the well-being of the Jewish people and Israel and to advance human rights and democratic values in the United States and around the world. In addition to its New York headquarters and Office of Government & International Affairs in Washington, D.C., AJC has regional offices and affiliates across the U.S. and overseas in addition to a multitude of global partnerships.

Among Jewish organizations, AJC is the preeminent leader in the global arena. With a presence in Belgium, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Brazil and Switzerland, AJC’s network of relationships with, and access to, key decision makers and thought leaders on every continent is unmatched. AJC is recognized by foreign leaders, the Israeli and U.S. governments as an effective and trusted interlocutor for Jewish issues, human rights and advocacy for democratic values. Today, AJC proactively tackles the greatest concerns of Jewish communities around the globe.

Project Interchange, a non-profit institute of AJC, develops and conducts educational seminars in Israel for current and emerging United States and international leaders. Participants include parliamentarians, state officials, civic and business leaders, print and broadcast media, ethnic and religious leaders, university presidents and student leaders, and counter-terrorism and law enforcement experts.

Since 1982, Project Interchange (PI) has equipped over 6,000 seminar participants from more than 85 countries with a balanced foundation for understanding Israel’s history, diverse makeup, and strategic objectives. PI seminars are highly interactive and promote dialogue on a wide array of complex issue

The Impact and Performance Analyst will upgrade and create new mechanisms to track program outcomes against goals set by AJC/Project Interchange (PI); establish new data collection and survey systems to increase the range and quantity of feedback collected, design flexible benchmarks against which success will be measured, provide central address for collection of quantitative and qualitative indicators of effectiveness; establish new design protocols to explicitly integrate AJC and PI objectives into each seminar program; increase information sharing and communication of “success stories” across interdepartmental lines, develop capacity to produce state of the art statistical impact statements for prospective donors and lay leaders.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • In consultation with PI staff and related professionals, develop a range of customized, quantitative performance tools and models to help Project Interchange enhance organizational effectiveness. The Impact and Performance Analyst will be responsible for working, on an ongoing basis, to leverage data tools and quantitative analytics to help PI move from anecdotal to data-driven decision making. This will require experience working with nonprofits and a proven track record of translating qualitative gains into quantifiable-and statistically valid metrics.
  • Develop and continually update PI’s data-driven reporting and analysis. This process will include the identification ofnational and professional benchmarks for participants, seminar groups and PI as a whole. These benchmarks will integrate, to the maximum extent possible, polling and statistical data on participant’s attitudes and activities relative to his/her cohorts.
  • Develop, test and track responses to a range of long and short term evaluative measures and surveys for various national and professional groups to continually review and assess PI’s success in reaching targeted goals
  • Spearhead production of “impact updates” for integration into a variety of informational / promotional / analytical materials. These updates will explain:
    • how each program expresses one of AJC’s annual or ongoing objectives
    • the goals or projected outcomes of each program and how those specific goals were selected,
    • identify any gaps between organizational performance and goals
    • the indicators considered in assessing these goals or outcomes and our success in achieving them,
    • provide examples of feedback and indicators considered
  • Prepare general guidance for AJC/PI offices and affiliates sharing background information on program goals and any new reporting/program requirements, help develop and outline appropriate expectations for staff and participants.
  • In collaboration with PI and AJC colleagues, develop materials for AJC regional and international staff – building familiarity with outcomes based measures and its potential to increase organizational achievement and reputation, and facilitating rapid transmission of success stories throughout the organization.



  • Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills
  • Proven ability to work well independently and in small teams settings on a variety of programs, projects and activities in fast-paced office
  • Expertise in nonprofit program management and the development of outcomes based and data-driven evaluations
  • Experience working with or designing informational databases, ability to lead technical improvements to Project Interchange databases, website, and other communication tools
  • Proficiency in use of Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Access and PowerPoint)
  • Ability to translate program objectives into operational requirements, processes and outcomes.
  • Capable of building relationships in a wide variety of environments, ability to package and repackage data from diverse sources for a variety of audiences.
  • 5-7 years of experience in analytics and/or non-profit management preferred


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